Foodie Weekend

Sometimes you just spend all weekend cooking and eating food. That was our weekend! And actually ... it began before the weekend, but I won't tell if you don't.

I'm going to break all the rules and tell you about the best part first. Yesterday I finally made Drea's vegan mac & cheese recipe, and I am not kidding, internet, life may never be the same .... because I need to be in the kitchen making more of this every day all day forever & ever amen. It's that good. Even my dear non-vegan husband LOVED this recipe. Now, to be fair to Scott, he always eats vegan when I'm home because he loves my cooking, but when he's not around me, or we're out, he eats whatever he wants. He also eats things like mac and cheese at home when I'm eating something else, on occasion. I know he can be skeptical of certain vegan things, and cashew cheese is one of them. It's more that something claiming to be as amazing as boxed mac and cheese, or better, should really live up to the task, right? And so often vegan "cheese" is really, truly gross and you can't even suspend your disbelief.

Well, enter this beauty. This is, like, the Holy Grail of vegan mac & cheese, friends. Make it, and make it now. It takes about two hours of consistent prep and cooking, but it's absolutely worth it, and honestly, is very cheese-like. Super tasty. It's all I can think about today. I made two casserole dishes worth, and one of them was gone last night. I can't wait to get home to the leftovers! I know, right? I am someone who historically hates leftovers, and yet I am completely under the spell of this food.



Also included in our delicious foodie weekend: spaghetti squash with arugula pomodoro sauce, and TACOS! We have tacos quite a bit, being west coast natives and all (it's like currency out here!) but not recently, because to be honest I've been undergoing a crisis with tortillas. Basically: most store-bought tortillas now taste terrible to me. Processed and disgusting. I am capable of making my own flour tortillas, but they are an enormous pain in the ass to make and aren't that good for you anyway, so I've been reticent to make them. I've also been going through a simultaneous salsa crisis (so many crises!): namely, that I think almost all store-bought salsas are gross, and I only want to eat salsa now if I've made it myself. I know, first world problems, right?  The real problem with this is that it's not tomato season, so I can't make my own salsa. So for a while now we've been on a taco break. Fortunately that has ended now because I found a new brand of tortillas at Whole Foods that is fantastic! They are tiny "street taco size" corn tortillas made locally, just across the bay in San Leandro. And oh my, they are really tasty. I fry them up with olive oil and it makes life very easy, because just a few beans, a spoonful of rice, a few pieces of arugula & some Casa Sanchez salsa (thank goodness it was on sale) later ... you have perfect tacos. And you can eat a ton of them because they are small, and if there is something I really love, it's that.

I also made muffins last night, but they are gone already (!). What did you eat this weekend?


  1. So yummy! We just did leftovers...sigh. My tummy is jealous lol

  2. That looks soooo gooooood!!!

    That's all.


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