I meant to fill this out & post it yesterday, but our other laptop broke and now Scott & I are down to pretty much sharing a single computer ... so ... yeah, that really sucks. But at least I'm posting it now!

Feeling — Kind of exhausted. It's been very warm out today, and I ended up exerting myself & running more errands than I thought I would. I was so tired that I fell asleep in the park after my lunch while reading! Though I must say, there's not a greater place to enjoy a lazy nap than in a park. It even makes waking up more pleasant (the part I hate). All the same, there's something about a warm day that makes even those of us not day drinking feel pretty soporific. I can't wait to sleep tonight.

Imagining —What life would be like if only I were brave enough to always truly go for what I want, and to never question what it means to be authentic. Whoa, I know, that's too deep, right? But in that world ... I would have it all. Just saying.

Considering — Normal things: what I'm going to wear tonight to a concert I'm shooting; what to make for breakfast tomorrow; how many miles I want to run in Golden Gate Park tomorrow; what my work hours should be on Monday since I'm shooting a show in Oakland on Monday night.

Listening toCHVRCHES, an awesome Scottish synth-pop band who just took SXSW by storm and is a popular listening choice among my music writer friends right now. I'm listening to them for the first time right now, and I must  say, I dig them a lot.

Moving — my body! I really am trying to be as active as possible, as I mentioned in a previous post this week. I have to believe that if I just keep moving, everything will be OK. More than OK. Great.



  1. A nap in the park on a nice day sounds all sorts of amazing....

  2. I don't think it's too deep - someone I work with said to me this week, "you have to get comfortable with being uncomfortable" and even though they were probably being a little trite I really responded to the sentiment. Also, a nap in a freaking park?! How I would love that!


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