Three Good Things

I meant to post this hours and hours ago, but then, well, insane amounts of work got in the way, and suddenly this was at the bottom of the pile...even though it shouldn't be. Anyway, here it is, and thank you to the awesome Jess of irocksowhat for this idea.

Here are three good things that happened today:

Lunch bag — This morning I was really tired. Like, ridiculously so. When I got off the campus bus, though, I didn't have my lunch bag. I didn't realize it until I was getting ready to unlock the door to my office! In that moment, at 7:20AM, I totally lost it and started freaking out. Well, I wasn't crying, so I guess I wasn't totally freaking out. But I was definitely at risk of having a core meltdown in front of my coworker, yelling "MY COFFEE IS IN THERE AND I HAVE NOT HAD ANY COFFEE!" multiple times. Fortunately, he talked me down off the cliff, reminding me that the very same bus would return outside 30 minutes later. We went out there together, and before the bus even stopped, the driver -- who knows me, of course, from the many years I've been riding the bus he drives -- was smiling at me and pointing downward. Of course he was pointing to my lunch bag and was keeping it safe up there, knowing it was mine! Oh man. This ended up being a really heartwarming experience, this losing of the lunch bag. I often feel cynical about the world, like people don't notice things or each other anymore, and to have this happen today was really neat. It helped me feel so much better about humanity, and about myself. Plus? I got my coffee.  

Payday — Today was payday! I only get paid once a month, and we are always in the midst of a financial disaster these days, so payday is a day much looked forward to and wished for in our home. I know it's just going to all go away again, but the last days of the month are really stressful (an understatement) because we're scraping the bottom of the barrel. So today was great. The start of a new month; another opportunity to budget correctly and well, and save money. But then again, speaking of not saving money, this brings me to my next good thing...

Sweater — Speaking of payday: today I was able to splurge and purchase this amazing sweater from my favorite clothing store in the universe, Modcloth. It is the perfect sweater to wear over leggings for many reasons, but since I am all about workout pants (yeah workout pants!) this will give me a more stylish excuse to wear them all the time. This sweater is pretty much the most awesome thing ever. I mean, duh, it's RAINBOWS!

I have this grand plan to get polka dotted pants and wear them with the sweater, as well, but that's going to have to wait until March at the earliest. Being patient when putting together awesome outfits is something that's developed as I've gotten older and poorer. Speaking of which ... why am I getting more poor as I get older? Isn't it supposed to work the opposite way?! 

Feel free to link up below! This was fun and, quite frankly, needed. 


  1. omg! dude. that story about your lunch bag is super heartwarming. what a nice bus driver. you're loved!

  2. What a lovely idea of sharing three good things. I love focusing on the positive and be thankful for the simple and this really follows that! And that sweater is rad!!

  3. That sweater!! I love sweater dresses, they are so comfortable and versatile.


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