Three Good Things v.2

I loved this link-up last week. Totally doing it again. Also? Being positive ... it really helps in keeping things positive outside of this post, and appreciating what I have, and all that good junk.

So here are three good things:

1. Sculpting Sea Creatures — I am really enjoying our sculpture class. It's only the second week, but I have something totally recognizable. And there was no blood/sweat/tears involved! It's pretty amazing how much more I love sculpture and hand building than the evil pottery wheel. With my hands, I can actually make something that looks like something else! Imagine that! I'm not the greatest sculpture artist ever, but I feel so relaxed when I'm working on stuff like this, and it's so much fun, and I am confident in the abilities that I do have. I need to buy orange underglaze for my clownfish, but he's really coming along:

And then of course, my ceramics genius of a husband has been kicking ass with his stingray:

2. Running — Well, I guess I haven't gotten to run since Monday (combination of being really busy and still recovering from a toe injury), but I can't stop looking forward to the Valentines Day Dash (5k) that I'll be running on Sunday morning. Running is really the best thing that has happened to me in a long time. I won't be my fastest this Sunday, and I might not feel my best, but I am going to enjoy the heck out of this race. Being out in Golden Gate Park and running 3.1 miles sounds like a great way to start a Sunday. Plus, my friend Meghan will be there, and this will be the second race we've run together this year. The difference is that in the last month she's gotten into much better shape than I have! Go Meghan! Inspiring.

3. Lord of the Rings — Scott & I are watching the Lord of the Rings trilogy on Blu-Ray. We'd not seen any of the movies in their entirety in many years, and never together, so this has been a special and unexpected treat for us. I've fallen into a black hole of Tolkein-love, as I'm also reading The Hobbit for the very first time right now (!) and am loving it. And Aragorn. Oh, Aragorn ... *cough* anyway, this has been the catalyst for some really wonderful one-on-one time with Scott, and that is more precious to me than gold these days. Every night we're watching a little, and it's been SO much fun.

Feel free to join and in and link up on irocksowhat:

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  1. I love that second sea creature especially! Beautiful! I could go for a Lord of the Rings rewatch. :)

  2. great things! i'm pretty impressed with your dudes sting ray. good grief.

    and running! ::::sigh:::: i used to be such a good runner but i've lost it all. my best advice is to just never stop, or you may end up like me! you're rockin' it.

    1. Thanks Jess! I am well aware that stopping could be dangerous. I just want to strike a happy balance between becoming OBSESSED with running/overdoing it/getting injured, and ... NOT RUNNING. You know? I am so inspired by your Medifast + hiking + incline walking journey, though, so don't sell yourself short!


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