Questing, Not Coasting

Oh yes. This is the general theme. But not bad overthinking, for the most part. In some areas of life I am actually excelling at not worrying about things I've ruined due to overthinking in the past. My kryptonite seems to come from two contradictory sources: overthinking a situation and getting so mired in the details that I lose the big picture, and not thinking at all about other things that come up and bite me later. I don't think that I'm particularly ignoring anything at the moment, in a bad way, but ... we'll see? Heh.

My brain is fried tonight. I'll be back tomorrow.


  1. This is a great picture, haha, that is how I feel most of the time...
    Found ya on the blog hop! Great blog, looking forward to future post!
    xo jess


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