It's Freakin' Friday Blog Hop

Yesterday evening I found out I'd been selected as a co-host for this week's blog hop. Neat!

Without further ado, lets get this party started...


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        Next, make sure you follow this week's Co-Hostess

        Amber & Scott (me!)

        In other news. ... it's Friday. I can't say I'm upset about that. It's been a long week. Good, but long. I really need to sleep in tomorrow so that I can be refreshed for another wedding meeting on Sunday morning. I'm finishing up my first week of work in my new office, with bigger responsibilities. It's probably time I unpack all my junk now, but I'm not quite sure I can be bothered just yet...

        I'm battling my mind and my heart this week but I have to have faith that I'm just overthinking things again. I hope I have more time to blog again once I settle into my job and everything else settles down, too. It never fails to boggle the mind, though, how life can manage to be so complicated and simple and happy and scary and normal and completely bizarre all at the same time. 2013: you continue to shock & awe.


        1. I know how hard settling in can be-- finding the rhythm is so important! We are both in education & every semester our class schedule changes which inevitably includes an adjustment period as we try to re settle. Hang in there!

          Happy to be a new follower from the hop! {and happy to meet some down to earth bloggers from my home turf too-- woot Bay Area!}

        2. Hi! New follower from the blog hop. Would SO love a follow in return. Looking forward to getting to know your blog!!


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