An Active Sunday

Sunday was by far the best day of my weekend. Some of you already know why Saturday was not so good, and I don't know if I'm going to get into it here, but it was pretty emotional and stuff, and I don't want to talk about it right now. But Sunday! Sunday was a gem in every single way.

I started it off at the Valentines Day Dash 5k in Golden Gate Park. My friend Meghan alerted me to this race, which was perfect for me given my general lack of running lately due to a toe injury. And let me tell you, internet, this was my best 5k to date. I ate a very good breakfast beforehand, which is unusual for me (usually I'm running around half asleep before a race!), and I think that made a huge difference, but more than that I think I was really ready to run. I knew I could do it. The course was also easier than I'd expected, so that helped too. I set a new PR (personal record), and I'm super happy with how it went. Plus I got to see Meghan, which is always a good thing.

The only bad thing is that the BEER never showed up post-race (so lame!) so I never did get my cup of beer afterward. Womp, womp.

After the 5k, I headed home & then headed out again—this time out on a hike with my friend Miriam and another friend on her 25th birthday. That sounds kind of like a movie title, right? "To Miriam on her 25th Birthday." Anyway ... I digress. The hike was along the Coastal Trail north of the Golden Gate Bridge, near Rodeo Beach (where I ran two races in the last year). This was the other side of the trail, and it could also probably be called "Welcome to Middle Earth." See also:

Middle Earth

The hike was about 1.5 hours each direction. The weather was gorgeous. AND we were actually playing a game orchestrated by Miriam's coworker. He had run the very route we were walking previously, and had laid out a course with pink flags. We followed them until we reached a glade with about 20 flags grouped together near a tree. He had given her a fake book with a lock in it, and in the group of flags we found the key! Inside was her birthday gift (a video game) -- but really, this was one of the coolest birthday events I've ever been to. What a great idea, right? It was so much fun. We stopped and had snacks on a log, during which time I got a splinter in my ass (it was actually very funny). Here's the view from the log:

the glade

the glade

And here is part of the big group of flags at the end:

flag day

We actually didn't get back to the car until it was pitch dark outside! The good thing about this is that we got to see an incredible sunset:



golden gate

Basically it was great fun and I am very happy I went, and was invited, and have friends who do things like this. I got home last night and felt very tired and happy. That's the sign of a perfect Sunday. The best part of it all was just being outside in the world and exerting myself. I can't wait to do it again. I definitely need to incorporate more hikes into my life from now on.


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