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An Instagram of one of our wedding photos // 2006

I really love this guy up there. ^^__

I feel it more acutely than usual today. I know it's not a big deal, but I've been dreading the day Scott had to have another endoscopy done for the entire time we've been together (read: almost 9 years!). Basically that's when they stick a camera down your esophagus to check for Stuff (that's the scientific term). It has been 10 years as of next month since he was in the hospital in Los Angeles, and he probably should have had more scopes in the meantime, just to make sure all was well -- but for whatever reason, it happened for the first time during our relationship today.

I was fretting for days. I can't help it! I don't want something to happen to him, and his description of the way he'd be "out of it" after the procedure wigged me out. It seems silly now, to have been so worried -- but I guess I had 9 years to blow it out of proportion!

Everything went just fine this morning. I got to hang out with Miriam, who drove us there and back at 5:30am, while Scott was inside the clinic, and he was so NOT "out of it"  afterward that he was able to give Miriam perfect directions back to the house as I fumbled with my faulty GPS in the backseat. His results were good, and he's OK, and I had nothing to worry about. But I really appreciate him more than usual today, and I appreciate everything that has happened today, and friendship, and having Miriam for company, and stuff.

Yep, STUFF. I've been up since 4:45am, give me a break!

In other news...

We started our new ceramics class last night: Sculpting Sea Creatures! If you know us, you know that we are obsessed with marine life, like really really obsessed. When we saw this class listed on the schedule last year, we knew we had to take it. And after only one class, I must say -- it's amazing how much more relaxing and fun sculpture/hand building is to me than pottery on the wheel. I love the feeling of clay in my hands, of making that clay take shapes, molding it into something that may or may not eventually resemble a sea creature. Because, after all, even though I love sculpting, I'm still not going to win any awards here! But that's A-OK with me. I chose to make a clownfish for my first project. Here is the result of the first day's work:

the rough outline of a clownfish
Meanwhile, my famous artist genius of a husband was working like a man possessed next to me. We both worked for about 1.5 hours. When I saw what he did in that amount of time? MIND.BLOWN.

stingray awesomeness 

I mean, WHOA, right? It's so good! Very proud of him. I don't think even he knows how he managed to do this in 1.5 hours, but I know he's pleased (cautiously optimistic, is how he'd put it). It's great to be back in the art studio again, even though it's 7-9pm on Tuesday nights, and I am old and tired ;)


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