Finally Friday

yes virginia, there is a spring, and it's coming soon
You can always tell when I'm "going through some shit" because my blog posts go away. I find it impossible to write properly because all that's going to come out is the stuff I don't want to talk about. I'm forcing myself to blog today, though, and besides that, I'm feeling a bit better, at least right now. I know, I'm "vagueblogging" but whatever, it's my blog and I'll be vague if I want to!

So it's Friday. And not only is it Friday, it's a Friday before a three-day weekend. I'd normally be thrilled about this (and I am!) but I'm also stressing because we're having a VIP staying at our house this weekend (my mother-in-law will be staying with us tonight until Tuesday) and that means putting on my hostess hat. No, not a Twinkie, silly! I mean that I can't be "off" between now and Tuesday. I know she'll read this and say "Amber, you're being silly and you can do whatever you want" but I also think that's not true, at least in my own mind. Hosting a guest is serious business! I've been planning a menu, and cleaning the house (last night's epic shower scrub was ... well, epic) and planning activities. I hope sleep gets into that schedule. ;)  Tonight we're going to an event that will leave me running at 9pm after we get home. I'm being responsible and am taking responsibility for my own messed up schedule! Or something.

Other things:
  • I'm reading The Hobbit for the first time. Really enjoying it so far!
  • Still running every single day. Loving it so, so much. I signed up for this year's Bay to Breakers (12k) but still haven't signed up for the half marathon in June. It's a funding issue, as registration is more than $100 -- I know, right? We'll see. I'm hoping it can be a birthday gift to me. 
  • I've had one of those weeks at work. Really grateful, in that way, for this three-day weekend.
  • I took the above photo yesterday on the UC Berkeley campus as I was leaving work. I can't tell you how happy this photo makes me ... because of SPRING!!!!  I love Spring so much, and to see these early signs, as well as the gorgeous weather, warmed my heart considerably. 
  • I read a wonderful article called "How to Savor Life" earlier, and you should read it, too.
  • We're going to an event at 18 Reasons tonight, and I'm very excited. 
  • I'm also shooting photos this weekend -- nervous! I feel like I've lost my my groove with photography since Jeffy got really sick in October, but I'm looking forward to getting it back. 
  • I hope to have a really nice weekend. There's nothing more I want in the world right now than that. 
I'm planning on doing a lot of cooking this weekend, so that will be fun. I'm at least planning a tofu scramble, some breakfast tacos and my spaghetti squash with arugula pomodoro sauce. What about you? What are your plans for the weekend? I'd love to hear. 


  1. You know, I still haven't read any Tolkein but darn it I will get on it! I'm glad you are enjoying "The Hobbit."

    That is a beautiful photo that you took!


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