It's been a long time since I did this linkup, and since I'm at a loss for my own post ideas today, I feel inspired to take the pressure off by following these prompts. Ah, I love being a lazy blogger ....

Currently, I'm:

Watching: I actually have something to say here, and usually I don't! My plan for watching all of the Best Picture Oscar nominees is in full swing. Yesterday after running a 5k I went straight to a movie theater near my house to catch a cheap ($6.50!) matinee of Silver Linings Playbook. I'm now completely, utterly smitten with Jennifer Lawrence, and I thought this movie was excellent. Additionally, we just got a Blu-Ray player at home and have been watching The Lord of the Rings (a Blu-Ray set from my awesome mother-in-law ... 5 discs per movie!) as well as Galaxy Quest (which was hilarious). I am looking forward to perhaps seeing another movie this weekend while my mother-in-law is in town ... we shall see!

Thinking about: My mind is very scattered this morning. I'm tired; last night I had trouble sleeping and ended up having a negative dream about my dad right before the alarm went off, which means that even though I don't remember any details of the dream, the alarm catapulted me out of bed and resulted in me feeling really out of sorts and freaked out all day so far. Lovely! Other than that, though, I'm thinking about my former boss, Alice, who left last week to go work on a farm in Washington; I'm thinking about my mother-in-law coming to town to stay with us on Friday; I'm thinking about the run I'm going to go on shortly (loving my lunchtime runs); and I'm really, really worrying about money. I know. It's a Monday.

Listening to: Nothing, really. I haven't been listening to a lot of music lately. I needed a break. I have Maximo Park stuck in my head right now (of course...) but that's it.

Excited about: Going home after work and having a nice, fat glass of wine or five, and trying to calm down from the day's anxious tenor. I want to play video games, plan out what's next for us this week, feel loved, be loved, cook a wonderful dinner (I have a feeling beans and romanesco will be involved!) and go to bed early. I am a bundle of nerves who didn't sleep well last night. Time to fix that. Oh, and cat snuggling. I look forward to a great deal of cat snuggling. Further afield, I look forward to finally catching up on all of the photos I need to edit, and getting back into the game this Sunday with a shoot for Burlesque Moulin.

Reading: I'm trying to figure that one out right now. Lately I've been reading issues of The Economist weekly, a former habit I'm trying to pick back up. I end up reading it before bed every night until my eyes close of their own volition. As for books, I've been trying to slog through At Day's Close: Night in Times Past, a great book my uncle got me last year that is incredibly difficult to read. Very dryly written, but it's actually really interesting stuff -- if the author hadn't been a historian by trade, I'm thinking he would have made a better author. The material in the book is fascinating but could have been better presented in a form that incorporated storytelling. As it is, it's just one cited reference after another, many of them not strung together in cohesive fashion, and the paragraphs in the book are often pages long. In other words: it's taking me literally years to get through this book. I recommend it -- maybe on paper, not on Kindle? It's hard for me to focus on in Kindle format, and I'm thinking it's the e-reader, not the book itself.

Thanks to Danielle for the inspiration for these posts.


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