Blue Monday?


I feel like the weekend was good. Especially yesterday; yesterday was relaxing, and I got things done, and cooked a bunch of amazing food, watched football, edited photos & got to hang out with my husband (always the best, the very best). I also slept well last night (though not enough). I felt peaceful and happy, for the most part -- it was a really lovely Sunday.

This week has a lot of stuff going on that I'm not necessarily thrilled about: medical procedures, doctors appointments, probably some late nights and too little sleep and no running, plus the emotional "not myself" feelings I've been having for a few weeks now. This month, and this year so far really could have been a lot better, and I'm hoping it's a blip on the radar of 2013 instead of a marker of the year's general pattern. It's funny when you think you know yourself so well, then BAM! everything changes and you realize the ground underneath you appears to be liquefying. I keep thinking that maybe I'm on the verge of a huge personal growth spurt, but hey, stop this train, I want to get off! I just had a huge personal growth spurt. Aren't things supposed to calm down after my Saturn Return? Did I only get a few months of peace? No fair.

Well, anyway. Here are some random good life things:
  • Last night I dreamed that Scott & I fled a conference we were attending, in part because they were trying to make me eat things that contained eggs (I am having recurring dreams about non-vegan food being forced on me...yes, very weird). We fled the conference in a submarine and were traversing the San Francisco Bay in said submarine. The bay, contrary to what we'd been told, was FILLED with whales, you guys. All kinds of different whales everywhere: blue whales, belugas, etc. That's about all I can remember at this point, but it was deliciously bizarre, which is how I prefer my dreams. 
  • I kind of really want this dress from Modcloth, but I'm scared of the material it's made of -- it seems kind of scary. I've always wanted to try a "bandage" style dress, though!
  • I may not do it tonight, but soon I'm going to be making pizza from scratch again. It's been so long since I've done something like that, and I can't wait to feel the dough in my fingers. There's just something about the tactile sensation of pizza dough, and if you haven't felt that feeling, I highly recommend it. Plus, when it's cooked? It's pizza
  • I got to shoot a really awesome drag/comedy/variety show this weekend, and I brought Scott and my friend Miriam, who is really awesome, with me. It felt really special to have them both there because usually I go to these things on my own, and I want to make more of these events I go to "shared events" in 2013. It means more when people you care about are there with you, I've realized. 

So there you go: life in a nutshell, today. I'm heading home now to work on filing & other exciting things like that.


  1. Sorry that now feels tumultuous, but I'm glad that you're feeling the good stuff too. <3

    Apropos to Nothing Question: When you make pizza, do you just leave off the cheese?

    1. Eileen: yes, I just leave off the cheese. And I find that I don't really miss it! The crust was always my favorite part anyway. Last year I posted a delicious post about vegan pizza: :)

  2. I think the dress is adorable and you should buy it so I can vicariously wear it. I'm far too tall to pull off a great dress like that. You *must* wear it to Pride!

    1. Yeah but it might be a bit pastel for pride. I have BRIGHT pride clothes! ;)


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