Radvent Day 17: Party

For the last three years,  Scott & I have held elaborate, fun parties at our house on New Years Eve. We've typically had 15-20 people at the house each year. This year is going to be smaller -- we're not sure how small, but it could be just us and one other person (plus two cats!) this year. Which, quite honestly ... is more than fine with me. Last year I couldn't have imagined feeling this way, but after the roller coaster of a year 2012 has been ... I want to kick it out the window. Start over. Not try to ring in the year in any particular way, except with people who feel similarly to us.

I also feel like most of my other friends are hosting their own parties this year, so it's kind of pointless to be having our own. That's fine! A year off from tons of people in my house is not a bad thing. And a quiet night of games, friend(s?), pretty outfits and FOOD ... now that is my idea of a good time.

Especially the food.

For this year's party I'm currently drumming up recipe ideas. Everything falls into two categories at this point -- the things I know I'm going to make, and the things I'm thinking about making. And I'm definitely taking suggestions if anyone has them. The only stipulations: they have to be vegan (or easily veganized), and they have to be delicious.

First up, here's what's on my FOR SURE list...

Black Bean Salsa -- a favorite!

Black Bean Salsa — This was a HUGE hit at last year's party. It's also extremely versatile: it can be used with chips or by itself, or on top of tacos or whatever else you'd use black beans and/or salsa in. I even made it for the 4th of July party we went to this summer, and it held up just as well. The best part? It's really filling, so it stands on its own as a legitimate dish.

Stuffed Mushroom Caps — I've wanted to make stuffed mushrooms for a few months now, but every single recipe I came across was packed with cheese (and usually bacon, too). I was really happy to come across this recipe from Whole Foods this week, because it's naturally vegan! Yay! Definitely will be making some of these for NYE. They're simple to put together and will be easy to eat, too.

On the THINKING ABOUT level we have ...

Portland Porch Lettuce Wraps

Portland Porch Lettuce Wraps — I am obsessed with creating lettuce wraps that don't involve meat. I remember being sad at seeing only meat lettuce wraps on many a menu in the past. These look truly fantastic. If I made these, though, they'd have to be the most complex item on the menu, for sure.

Vegan Pizza — This could be a good option for tasty finger food. If only asparagus were in season right now ... that's THE best topping I can think of, duh. But I'm sure I can think of something else appropriate for a winter topping!

Vegan Quesadillas — I haven't made these in a long time! I could also do the salsa-guac combo that I did in the original recipe, since I literally haven't made that since that particular day. Another really good finger food. And yes, I am aware they aren't quesadillas. But they are really good!

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Are you planning a party this year? What are you serving? 

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I'm participating in Radvent this year via the ever-awesome Princess Lasertron, and you should too!


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