Radvent Day 14: Giving / The Unpopular Opinion

Today, I am keepin' it real.

I spoke at length last year about the importance of giving, rather than taking and bragging about it online during the holidays. I truly believe that social media, and the internet in general, gives us a platform to easily brag about our material possessions without repercussions. But lets face it: it's gross. Don't be That Guy! As I spoke about yesterday, I try not to judge other people, but let it be said: if you post your gift list on Facebook on 12/25 -- I am judging you, and it ain't pretty.

Instead of playing into my extremely low expectations, do what I'm about to do today: give back! And post about that. Post about it til your fingers bleed!

Fact: I don't have very much money right now; my little family is struggling every month to make ends meet, and we often don't make ends meet (erg). But I do have fifteen dollars, right now, this month, this hour, this minute, out of my monthly personal allowance. Scott & I have agreed that our gifts to each other are given already. Today, instead of buying him or my family $15 worth of stuff to put under the Christmas tree, I've given five dollars each to the following organizations:

Ocean Conservancy
Marine Mammal Center
The Animal Center (in Newtown, Connecticut -- in memory of shooting victim Catherine Hubbard)

I know: five dollars each might not seem like much. But it's what I have to give this holiday season, and more importantly ... it's something. Have you ever been to the grocery store and thought "If I just had one dollar more, I could get [enter item you really want]?" -- I think about this often. Who is to say that this doesn't also happen at large nonprofit organizations? Five dollars can make a difference.

I know everyone probably prefers larger donations, but here is the truth: every single donation counts, and every single donation helps. I've always held back on donating in the past because I've felt the pressure to donate the minimum pre-filled amount (you know what I'm talking about) instead of writing in what I could give (usually a few dollars). Five dollars is nothing to scoff at, friends! Abe Lincoln is on the five dollar bill! He would be pretty sad and he would probably cry if he heard us say "five dollars is lame." It's not lame! If it's what you can give... it's as important as a larger donation.

Here are some more organizations I wish I could donate to today. If you can -- make a $5-10 (or more!) donation to one of these truly incredible and important places:

Blue Ocean Institute
Farm Sanctuary
San Francisco AIDS Foundation
Ducks Unlimited
Larkin Street Youth Services
San Francisco SPCA
World Wildlife Fund
Monterey Bay Aquarium (minimum $10, but totally worth it & then some)

There is one more thing I ask of you: please share this post on social media and lets get people DONATING for the holidays! 

♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥

I'm participating in Radvent this year via the ever-awesome Princess Lasertron, and you should too!


  1. I really love what you did with your $15. You're right, it need not matter the number of the donation but that one donated.

    I also love the title of this post because I tend to be of the unpopular opinion on many topics. Heck we said to hell with Christmas and holidays in general. The commercialism of it, which you pointed out, among other things (like someone telling me when to celebrate a feeling) got to us. So we stopped four years ago. So my opinion on holidays tends to be a bit unpopular. Your post has made me feel more comfortable to share those unpopular opinions. So thank you!

    1. Thank you Aubrey. I thought I'd replied to this years ago, but evidently not.


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