Seasonal Elective Disorder

OMG I seriously waited all day to think of that post title, but ... zing!

So, yes, I will talk more in depth about the election in the next couple of days (after Florida kindly, hopefully allows me to finish coloring my electoral map!), but for today, I am not talking about politics. Last night was exhausting somehow even though it wrapped up relatively early (benefits of living on the west coast ... I went to bed at midnight and it was all over, speeches given, wrapped up).

But also, meanwhile, speaking of seasons...

What strange weather we're having this week. Sure, bay area weather is often very nice, but often very foggy, and notoriously unpredictable ... but this is ridiculous. Saturday through Tuesday it was extremely unseasonably warm. We're talking 80 degrees in San Francisco in November. October? That's cool, it happens. November is unusual. Well, we went from that weather to winter today; at least it felt like it. Breaking 60? Barely. And cold. It never got sunny today, and the misty low clouds eclipsed the tops of trees all day in Berkeley. Very interesting stuff. What season is this? I guess it's fall in the bay area, though the pattern seems hard to make out, at best. See above? Not really sure what to make of things (but not altogether unhappy about the cold! In fact, I loved it!).

winter berries 
leaves on the ground

But anyway, enough about the weather. I am really looking forward to the holidays this year ... I want to do them right, even though we have no money. I actually think they'll be better this year because we have no money, and we can't even pretend we have money this year .... you know? I want to make all of my own gifts this year (again, but I want it to have feeling this time), and I'm just so inspired by all of the holiday blog posts I've been seeing. I'm really not crafty, but ... I really want to be crafty.

Tonight is cold and cloudy, and never mind that -- suddenly it gets dark at 5pm? Screw this! I'm definitely a sadder person in the winter (it's why I always run more during that time). Before the seasonal blues really do kick in, I'm going to enjoy the cozy, soup-eating, cookie-making feels as much as I possibly can. How do you fight the winter blues? 


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