Saturday, November 3, 2012

Meh, & other things about being sick

I actually think this was a sunrise a couple of weeks ago

Well, I've been sick these last couple of days. Like, horribly sick to the point where it's tough for me to get out of bed. It's strange, because when I AM up, I'm getting things done, and totally hungry and cooking, but I can't breathe and my lungs BURN. It's hard for me to exert myself for any period of time. Of course this is happening all at the worst moments; isn't life just like that? I feel terrible because Scott has to pick up my considerable slack, and he's overworked to the bone right now. He just told me he fell asleep in pottery class this morning (which I missed, because I was sick). Ugh. Things are just ... a real mess around here these days, you guys. I guess it happens to everyone, but it sucks.

Today, though, I actually had to rally (we both did...). The company Scott is working for had a booth at the Bay Area Science Festival, held just one block from home (thank goodness) at AT&T Park. Scott was helping man his company's booth, and I was brought in to take photos! It was really cool. I love atmospheres where kids dominate, because it's pretty impossible not to have a good time. I took a bunch of photos, and remembered why I love photography ... something that had gotten a little lost since Jeffy's hospitalization two weeks ago tomorrow. Today was the first time I had picked up my camera in the last two weeks, wow.

Anyway, it was really neat to participate in this event today, and other than summer mysteriously reappearing (help, climate wackiness afoot!), it was a picture perfect couple of hours. I've been trying to get the house clean tonight, but I keep coughing, and coughing ... and all I can really think about is one of the vegan apple streusels from Whole Foods, which I certainly WILL NOT be having tonight. Bah!

On that note, happy Saturday, and here are a few phone shots from the festival today....

the booth! we were doing DNA testing ... pretty cool stuff.
Fun being down on the field @ AT&T Park
people enjoying SCIENCE
my favorite view -- really neat
GLOBES!!! <3

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