Happy election day / Mercury Retrograde / November 6th - Ode to Coffee etcetcetc

So many things are happening today! I mean, things that have a cultural value: election day in the US (did you vote? Fortunately I voted many weeks ago, so I have nothing to worry about in that regard...), the beginning of Mercury Retrograde (not the most fun of these things, but remember: just don't worry about it, because there's nothing you can do about it!), the release of Halo 4 (how could they have timed this with election day? Seems like a bad decision on somebody's part), and ... how could anyone leave this out ... apparently this is the day where I finally start to feel a wee bit better!
this graphic brought to you by the purposefully poorly made graphics association (tm)

I've been really sick since last Friday morning, as you may or may not have heard. I've been sleeping most of the time, but quite honestly the biggest problem is that I'm unable to breathe. Whenever I get sick, it goes straight to my lungs, and I'm not even a smoker, so what is up with that? Oh yeah, I'm a Gemini ... it's supposed to do that. This is actually one of the things that has made me believe in astrology so much; when I get sick, it's because of nerves & running myself ragged, and it goes right to the stuff that keeps me breathing. Good thing I don't smoke! Anyway -- today I still can't breathe, and I still have no voice, and I still am relatively low energy, but I am happy to say that I am much more energetic than I have been for the last few days, and that's quite a relief to me. I am not very good at sitting still.

(I know I need to get better at sitting still).

Actually, yesterday I did force myself to sit still. My boss sent me home at 9:30am because I am still sick. Add to this that it was 80+ degrees in November what is going on help! and the house got up to 84 degrees, I was pretty much unable to move for the rest of the day. I stayed in the house taking care of Jeffy, making sure he was drinking enough and had a fan pointed toward him if he was napping, etc, along with doing laundry (tons of laundry), making a pretty incredible vegan version of Elizabeth (from Delightfully Tacky)'s corn chowder recipe, and watching episode after episode of No Reservations. Oh, and a nap. Scott had taken both of the laptops to work with him, so I was forced to relax, and I have to admit ... I could use more afternoons like that. Just focusing on what's right in front of me.

And as of this morning (as illustrated above) I am officially able to drink coffee again. I know I'm not well when drinking coffee holds no interest for me ...but fortunately, that time is now in the past.

However, now I've been at work for several hours and I am exhausted. Not there yet, but hoping to be 100% by the time I get to the weekend. There are art shows and races coming up, and I am really hoping to be able to resume some kind of a social life soon. As if my illness is the real reason why my social life has come to an abrupt halt ... but that is a post, and a recount of a meltdown, for another day.


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