Anticipating — Potentially actually leaving the house and having plans tonight. Really not sure if I am prepared to do such a thing, but I really want to. Almost need to. Tomorrow I'm attending my very very good friend's art show opening, and taking photos, and I am so very excited about that. I am so tired, and the house is a mess, but if it works out, the next three days should be filled with art & music.

Buying — Well, I'm not buying much these days. But here's what I want to buy: everything but the bird. It sure would feed us for days, and I've been trying to get really inspired for Thanksgiving cooking, since we'll be spending it by ourselves this year (boo) and I don't want a repeat of the dreaded Butternut Squash Gnocchi Incident of 2009 (lets just say: they turned out all gummy, and we didn't eat until after midnight). Plus, since we're not eating a turkey ... sides will sustain us!

Needing — To go home & take a nap, clean the house, take a shower, make dinner, and finish editing some photos before going out to take photos tonight. I have a really strict schedule to adhere to, and I am not so good at adhering to schedules ... so wish me luck.

Thinking — about how excited I am to share my "snapshots from a happy life" this weekend, because I think I've taken some really beautiful Instagram shots lately. That's a weird thing to be happy about, isn't it? But really ... fall may be the most beautiful time of year, even in the relatively season-less bay area.

Ignoring — Work, at the moment. I really should stop doing that. I also completely ignored the weather forecast when I left home this morning. Well, that's not entirely true. I wore closed-toe shoes for the first time in months (um, sorry if that offended your east coast sensibilities, but I live in California, and in California it's often perfectly acceptable to wear flip flops to work every day).

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  1. I envy your closed toe shoes... We had had a foot and a half of snow the past few days (and nothing but snow boots will do). I know why my parents opt to winter in California now!

    1. Well, evidently I forgot that it gets cool here or something, because twice in the last two weeks I've worn sandals out to run errands and it has been VERY COLD (like, in the 50s). OUCH!!! Hurts the toes! I am dumb!


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