one of my braids this week
Loving — The braids I've had in my hair every night this week. My hair is wayyyyyy too long and I need a haircut, but I can't afford one right now. Thus, I've taken what action I can. If I braid my hair for 12 hours per day, it looks cute and is out of my face. Then, when I take out the braids? My curls! They're back! Right now, believe it or not, my hair is so long & heavy that my curls have wilted. Yay, braids!

Looking — at how to make this adorable cat bento lunch box. In spite of the nasty comments from defensive moms saying that they could never find the time to make something so complicated, if they actually looked at the instructions they would find that it's actually very simple.

Cooking — Well, I just got my answer to this question, and I am really excited! I just learned that leeks will be in my CSA box today when I pick it up, the first of the season ... I love leeks. I love all alliums, but I really, really love leeks. That means I'll be making potato-leek soup tonight, and on my sore throat, it will feel so good. Just what we need right now, too -- a soup that is comforting filling & warms the soul.

Catching — a cold, unfortunately. :(  I woke up with it this morning. I suppose it's not that surprising given the intense stress, plane flights, more stress, late nights & inconsistent sleep of the last two weeks, but it still sucks a lot, especially since I no longer have the option of slowing down or taking time to be sick.

Missing — Simple, carefree days. Where have they gone? I must work on creating some, but I'm not sure they exist anymore. I don't mean to sound dramatic. You know how it is when things are weighing on you.

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