WW: Home.

I don't usually buy into "Wordless Wednesday" type posts, but today seems like the best time for one. We brought Jeffy home last night, and are now navigating a world of massive amounts of fluids, medications, poor eating and endless, endless worry. But believe me: we are so, so happy to have him home. He is filled to the brim with love and he shows us that love every single moment. I woke with him sleeping between my feet at the foot of the bed this morning, all curled up and warm. I really, really love him. We both do. And who knows how much time we have left.

Just home from the hospital
Getting ear rubs from daddy (his absolute favorite)


  1. I work at a vet clinic and we have lots of kitties who regularly get SubQ fluids on all the other things you mentioned and are just thriving at home. One of my favorites is a sweet 17 year old named Tigger who has had this as her normal for several years.

    Hoping that once you all adjust to your new normal, you'll get a lot more time with your wonderful kitty. Hugs to you.

    1. Thank you SO MUCH for these kind words. I really needed it. I am a huge part of the problem re: the fluids. Sure, Jeffy is absolutely terribly behaved, and terrified, but I? I am equally scared. I don't know why. I think it's because if I fail, then I feel this ridiculous amount of guilt that shatters me. Things like this really make me feel like humans have brains that are just "too big" if you know what I mean ... ;)

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