Mango salsa & fall clouds

Today I'm going to talk about two things I've been loving lately: mango salsa, and fall clouds.

First: taco night. We have taco night a lot, you guys. And I really, really really hate buying store-bought salsa. Making my own salsa has become one of those things, ie, it has turned me into a salsa snob. Last week, I happened to be gifted several heirloom tomatoes from Susie during the same week a mango took up residence on my kitchen counter. To me, the universe was sending me signals, and the signals said make mango salsa. And who am I, to turn my back on the universe? 

mango salsa on seasoned pinto beans & corn tortillas 

I'd never made mango salsa before, but here is what I did. It turned out great, so you can trust me!

Mango Salsa

2-3 heirloom tomatoes (small-medium, not huge), seeds squeezed out & diced
1 mango (mine was small), diced
1/2 red onion, diced
1 hot pepper of your choice (I recommend jalapeno), seeded and diced
around 2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil (I recommend California Olive Ranch, or your local olive oil)
sea salt + pepper to taste
a small amount of green onion (or ideally you'd use cilantro), chopped
lime juice (add to taste)

Directions: mix all ingredients. Let sit in fridge for at least one hour so flavors can mix. Eat on tacos!'s really that easy.

This is why I love making salsa: almost anything can go in it, and it's super, super easy.

Other than tomatoes going out of season (sad, sad face) (and you really should never ever buy tomatoes out of season), there is little excuse for not making your own salsas. And now that there are greenhouse-grown tomatoes in the winter, which are marginally better than tomatoes grown outdoors during the winter, there really is no excuse. Just make sure you're not having an extra helping of pesticides or gases with your tomatoes, friends. If you are on the east coast, be wary of Florida tomatoes in winter. And on the west coast? Mexico is what you're looking out for. Just know what you're getting yourself into.

But anyway, enough about that.

I've been really excited this week because our hot weather, followed by windy weather, has given way for partly cloudy skies. There is not much I find more beautiful than partly cloudy skies. An old friend once told me that he loved San Francisco in the spring and fall the best, because of the otherworldly skies and sunsets. He was talking about photography backdrops, but I think it extends to everything, and I totally agree with him. The skies in our transitional seasons are extra gorgeous: amplified.

Oxford & Center Streets, Berkeley
Sunrise @ Center & Shattuck Streets, Berkeley
The sky from my roof yesterday, SF
The Sunday morning sky from my window, SF
Coming up this week: another recipe! I've had a breakthrough in frying tofu, and I'll share that with you. I'm all about simple meals right now, since I'm on a hardcore deadline to deliver wedding photos (tomorrow), am shooting a show tomorrow night, and am shooting a music festival all weekend. Plus, we're on a strict budget right now, so simplicity also usually means I've gotten great deals on the basics (tofu, beans, veggies) and am trying to be creative about putting things together. Stay tuned. 


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