Yesterday's view from my office // my favorite building + puffy clouds // UC Berkeley

Worrying — About Jeffy, of course. We're having a lot of trouble getting him his subcutaneous fluids. But fortunately, I think Susie is going to come over tonight and help us. We need it ... badly. We're so worried about our sweet guy, and Susie worked at the SPCA in a former life, so she's at least way more versed in these sorts of things than we are.

Listening — To Maximo Park (still) (yes) (problem? I have no problem!). I have to admit: there's something I find incredibly alluring about an artist who repeatedly sings about geography-related things. I think this may be just my thing, though ... as a geography nerd, though, I believe I'm totally justified in feeling this way. Yep. (Examples: click here and here, and yes, prepare for amazing dance movez in the first one)

Wishing — that I had less than $10,000 of credit card debt right now, but at least it's not the $15,000+ I had last month....

Observing — the ways in which I react differently, and act differently, when something extremely sad and stressful is going on. I definitely have a personality shift, and most of that is not a good thing. I'm not that person who becomes very calm and helpful and determined. I'm that person who is flying off in every direction, gets nothing done and can't stop compulsively cleaning or wanting to regiment every aspect of life to the extreme because its the only thing that's left to grasp at. I'm flailing in all those terrible ways that people freaking out about impending disaster tend to flail. I am not a huge crier; instead I focus on insignificant things because they are the only things I can control right now.

Considering — Whether to have a drink at lunch (just kidding) (mostly). What my next blog posts will be. What I'm going to make for dinner tonight. Whether I'm going to fall asleep at my desk (possibly!). Whether this weekend is going to bring relaxation or heartbreak. I am just spent.

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  1. Dude, you paid off over $5000 on a credit card in a MONTH? Ah-mazing. You should feel good about that!

    1. We took out a loan from my mother-in-law -- that's the only way we were able to do that!!


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