Watching — a lot of really random things lately, actually. I've not been able to sit down with Scott and watch our usual shows because he's been working so hard, but I've also been working on editing wedding photos like a mad woman this week so I've had the TV on in the background. Among the things I've been watching: local news, football, guys talking about football, The Weather Channel, Diners Drive-ins & Dives (my guilty pleasure ... as a vegan I am sure people will raise their eyebrows at that one but whatever), and shows about space (last night I watched one about black holes). At least I'm learning, right?

Reading — Still reading A Dance With Dragons. It's been slow going, mostly because I've needed to pay attention to things other than reading recently, but also because this book deals mostly with characters I don't like. I'm going to be really sad when I get to the end and there are no more books and I still don't know whether my OTP, Jaime and Brienne, are going to get together (oh come on, you know what I mean!).

Eating — Leftover rice & beans from last night's dinner. Total yum. I only wish I'd made more!

Inspired by — All of the people out there who manage to balance their lives, and be successful, and not have the anxiety of functioning every day. Balancing my life remains a complete mystery to me, even at 30 years old, and though I keep trying, I often wonder what the secret is -- what I'm really missing. Scott likes to remind me that everybody is fighting their own battles, and nobody has it as together as they like to say they do on the internet, but I have a hard time believing that everyone else is as unable to balance their lives as I am, on a daily basis. Are you? I mean, really? Bueller?

Thinking — a mile a minute. I have so much to do, you guys, and I am really happy about all the lovely sleep I've been getting this week, but all that sleep ends tonight. All I really want to do in the next forever is spend time with my husband, something I haven't gotten to do at all this week. I just want to get everything done on time, and spend time with my husband, and go to sleep. But, the train keeps on chuggin' .... hopefully we'll get to spend some time together tomorrow night.

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  1. I love cooking shows so much and I wish there were more vegetarian and vegan options out there. Since there aren't, I find myself watching almost anything PBS has to offer and changing the channel when the meat gets too much for this vegan to handle.

    1. I sometimes dream of being "the next food network star" and having a vegan cooking show, except that I seriously would be THE WORST broadcast personality EVER!!

  2. I seriously struggle with finding balance as well. I just feel like I have to do everything, and everything has to be perfect. It's impossible.

    Also, Diners, Drive-ins and Drives is one of my guilty pleasures as well. That and Man vs. Food. So glutenous and entertaining.

  3. Glad to be your newest GFC follower - found you through the Currently Link-Up. :)

    You're not alone... everyone has a hard time balancing their lives. It's just easier to hide it behind the computer screen. That's something a lot of bloggers struggle with, is being forthright with people (which makes you relatable) vs. wanting people to think you've got everything under control (which makes you enviable). Personally, I'd rather be relatable. :)

  4. Oh, balance... Does it really exist? I think it depends on what your definition of 'balance' is. I think once you can establish what you feel is "balance" then finding it should be easier.

    I'm a work-a-holic, wife, mother, sister, blogger, daughter, sewer, crafter, activist, food junkie, net-a-holic. Do I have balance? Absolutely not, but what I do know are my priorities. I love my job and my family and it was from hitting career rock bottom that I took a step back and tried to find my balance.

    Doing my job and doing it well is very important. More important, for me, is being a good mom. I can do both of these things very well. The other things (being creative, blogging, etc) has to fit around my top two priorities. If I don't blog for a few weeks, it makes me sad, but spending time with my son (and fur babies) is more important.

    Give it time and figure out what makes you tick.

    Thanks for sharing your current goings-on! I'll be back to cheer you on!


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