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Laughing — at all this Big Bird nonsense from last night's debate! One of the greatest things about the internet right now is the rampant snarky comments, graphics, etc that erupt after bizarre pop culture incidents (see also: Clint Eastwood's empty chair). I think its a great thing, because it would be too easy to take life far too seriously right now, and the hilarious viral spoofs circling the internet serve a very REAL and valid purpose: the release of tension. The reminder to not take every single little thing too seriously. I mean, really, if we can't laugh at ourselves, we'll cry, right? Plus, I think everyone knows that Romney wouldn't actually end up defunding PBS.

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Writing — less than I should be. Here's the thing with me and writing: since around age 24, words stopped flowing like rain from my brain and fingertips. I used to be a prolific writer. Now I get so up in my head about it that I'm lucky to escape complete writers block/paralysis most of the time. Its why I try not to write the Great American Novel on this blog; if I tried to do that, as I did 10-15 years ago, I'd end up with approximately zero finished blog posts. Anyway, last night I was trying to write a three-sentence review of a show I saw the other night, and I'm not kidding—I had to slap myself down mentally about 854823432 times just to force myself to not overthink it. As it was, the blurb took me an hour and a half to write. Silly! By not overthinking it, the words come with surprising ease; imagine that! But agonizing over each word? That's so my style these days, particularly with journalistic writing, and it definitely holds me back. It's funny, I never thought this would happen to me, but it has...

aw yeah candy corn
Dreaming — the other night I literally dreamed that I was flying over a beach in Southern California, and more specifically over a Miley Cyrus concert. I am still not sure whether I was flying with my arms, or had a contraption to help me, but like every other flying dream I've had, I was careening out of control, going too high and diving, not sure how to stop or land, etc. It's very easy for me to analyze dreams like this: they are SCARY, but also kind of exciting & freeing, and ultimately are about anxiety and control (something I love a little too much). Basically all of my dreams come back to those two things! Anyway, on a more earthly plane, I've been dreaming of making awesome holiday decorations off of Pinterest, like this one, which we all know I love just because it involves candy corn. And I can't actually eat candy corn anymore because it has honey in it ... one of the few truly sad aspects of veganism ;)

Craving — TACOS. Did you know? It's National Taco Day in the US, and I've spent all morning looking at pictures of tacos and planning dinner (which, duh, is going to be tacos. How could it NOT be tacos?!). I am also dreaming of: guacamole, salsa, fresh tortillas (that is, if I am up for making them ... I may not be! They are such a pain in the ass to make!) ... tacos are the best. I am a west coast girl born and bred, after all; tacos are part of my soul!

Anticipating — going to the farmers market this weekend! I am SO excited! I haven't been since the beginning of August, and when I return I expect to find a completely new season waiting for me. I can't wait to see pumpkins and squash and other fall foods along with the late summer tomatoes, zucchini and avocados. In the meantime I need to create a meal plan for the next week so that I don't go over our new cash-only budget. 7 days of tacos? Maybe I'm getting ahead of myself here ...

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  1. I'm craving Tacos! Hope yours were yummy :)

    1. Heavenly! And I'm telling you -- you need to have more tacos in your life :)


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