Back home.

It's been an eventful time since I've been back in San Francisco: Jeffy is in the hospital, and he's very sick. The Giants have been playing the last two games in an intense NLCS series that has the entire city on edge (I live a block from the ballpark, so it's very intense over here). We just got word that Jeffy will be coming home to us tomorrow, but his CRF has reached advanced stages (that's chronic renal failure, for those of you lucky enough to not know), and we probably have a few months left with him at most. More than we'd feared, less than we'd hoped.

Jeffy is my first adult cat. He came to me as somewhat of a surprise, the summer I turned 20, from an acquaintance who had to leave him behind while moving to Chicago. He showed up at my house one afternoon, all legs and feet and ears, all six months of him, full of piss and vinegar. He has proceeded, in the last 10+ years, to touch every single person who has had the pleasure to know him. He's pure alpha male, he doesn't take no for an answer, he can open doors by himself, and he is a fighter. Always, always, a fighter. He was diagnosed with CRF in 2005, at the age of three, and was given little time to live. Here he is, in 2012, getting to that point the experts felt he would be at nearly eight years ago.

We are so lucky to have had this time with him, and to get more. I can't express how much he and Scott have bonded in the last 8 years. I said when we brought him into the house that he would destroy everything in it, and he has (!) but he has also forged an incredible bond with my husband. Scott is a total mess right now and has been since yesterday; luckily he had his mom here with him while I was in Boise, so he didn't have to go through everything alone. I am so grateful.

I have a wonderful family, and even though tomorrow night will bring a "new normal" (sub-q fluids every night, four new medications, a new diet, and an eventual end), I'm ready to do what we have to do. The last time I had to give sub-q fluids to a cat was with Pandora, my magical cat before Jeffy who stayed with me for just two months in 2002 (she found my doorstep, already very sick, one rainy night).  I did that; I can do it again. I'm just so happy to be given another chance with my sweet J. ♥

just a few weeks ago 


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