Some great music for you.

I am pretty out of things to talk about today. I think that's fine. I think where a lot of bloggers get into trouble is pressuring themselves to a) post every day, and b) have A+ content to post every day. And by A+, I mean some impossible goal of Hemingway-esque prose that they will never live up to. I have no such misconceptions about myself or this blog, so therefore, there is no problem! Yay!

This weekend I get to shoot three bands I've wanted to shoot for years, all on one stage, one after the other. I am very, very excited about all of this. Sometimes things work out so perfectly! Anyway, here's a song from each of them, and maybe, if you don't know who they are, you'll discover something you love.


Little Boots:

The Limousines (a local band I've been trying to see for 2-3 years):

Ahhhhh just listening to these songs makes me so excited! I'm chair dancing at work. I haven't been this excited about a concert in what feels like years. Being a concert photographer is really the best thing ever. I don't know how I could ever lose the excitement of the opportunities I get from this job.     


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