Saturday, September 1, 2012

Snapshots from a happy life

Happy Friday Saturday (almost Sunday) (yeah. that's happening again)!

You guys. I have a new phone.

I had my trusty Droid X for two years, and though it still works, but I've definitely used it hard, and it was time to renew our contract anyway. Enter the Samsung Galaxy S3, which is so beautiful and sleek and new and fast I can hardly believe it. Technology has improved in the last two years! I am always amazed by that fact, and I love realizing it time & time again.

I've only just started getting the new phone set up, and the last couple of days have been crazy, so I only have a few shots from the new device to include in this week's snapshots post. Which, by the way, I was supposed to post yesterday. I just ... need to get my shit together. As of last week I had lost control of most of my (usually highly regimented) life, and I really need to get things together. So that's basically what I'm working on right now.

Today was mostly spent sleeping and watching football (more on that later, but ugh ... remember
"the agony and the ecstasy" post last week? It was mostly agony). I love that this is a 3-day holiday weekend. Our last until Thanksgiving, of course ... but I appreciate it all the same.

Anyway, here are some snapshots from the last week. Enjoy your weekend!
Motorcycles + Scooters outside my office
Caturday today with Jeffy (so cute so cute!)
Watching Cal-Nevada today .... this did not end well. 
After a night out last night 
dorky self-portrait using the camera's self-portrait function
Tonight's dinner: veggie chili (I made my own tomato base this time, and it was just like using canned! Yay!)
Autumn is creeping in  ... though summer just arrived in the bay area
UC Berkeley on an absolutely perfect summer day this Tuesday

This excerpt from a poem, near my house, is important to me. TOO BAD SOMEBODY DEFACED IT! UGH!

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