Saturday on my mind

Saturday morning, in the elevator // running club of one

I'm pretty tired today after only getting 6 hours of sleep last night (celebrating Scott's birthday with many episodes of Dr. Who), but I did want to mention the only thing I can think about: The Big Gay 10k coming up this Saturday. There are multiple things about this race that have me unable to focus on other things:
  • I really, really love running, and I really love running races. I wish I ran more of them. 
  • This will be the longest distance I've run since Bay to Breakers. I'm nervous/excited about this!
  • Tonight I get to pick up my race bib. 
  • My worlds will collide, in a way they haven't before. What worlds? Well, my "running world," and my "gay world," of drag queens and the like. I usually really prefer to keep my life compartmentalized (its easier that way), but I really don't mind this happening. Actually, I love it. I'm supporting the SF Aids Foundation by running this race, and so is everyone else. My friend Mutha Chucka is the hostess of the day at the race, and I really feel good about running with this community of people. I am pretty convinced that I will be the only one there not in costume, but oh well.
  • I am shooting shows on Thursday night and for an hour on Friday night. I am really nervous about this, though honestly, I never sleep well the night before a race anyway, so being out until midnight (I'm shooting from 10-11pm in the Mission) shouldn't be the biggest deal. Also? The race doesn't begin until 9am, so that's good, especially considering I have an hourlong bus trip to get there.
So, yes. I'm very excited. And no, I won't be wearing a tutu or any other costume. Running is serious biznizz for me, and I haven't yet figured out how to run while wearing anything other than running clothes. If you're in SF and are reading this and have a bedazzler, though, please let me know  ... 


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