Looking forward to the weekend.

this morning on BART // barely awake
Oh my. You guys, why is it that when it's a "short week" at work, that week actually ends up feeling much, much longer and more hellacious than a normal, 5-day week? It's like Murphy's Law, or something. Seriously. You can bet I am thrilled this week is over (at work, anyway!), and now, the weekend can begin.

The best part about this weekend? Well, we're celebrating Scott's birthday starting now (his real birthday is on Tuesday, but I'm a huge fan of celebrating for long periods of time), so there's a positive feeling in the air, something that I have had trouble feeling all week. I also got to work from home for the majority of today, so in addition to work (yes, I actually do have to work!) I got some chores done as well, had a huge lunch (leftover black bean soup & homemade "potato chips" fried in olive oil).  I may be exhausted, but I got 8 hours of sleep last night & got a leg up on weekend chores. Score!

Last weekend, though it was long, was fraught with lameitude. Scott & I spent much of the weekend apart, or fretting over stuff, and it was kinda stressful. NOT THIS WEEKEND. We have nowhere to be, and we made sure to keep it that way. Even though we have to work hard and spend time redoing our budget, we also get to watch football, and GO RUNNING (!) (so excited!) (running with Scott!) to the farmers market tomorrow morning to get bacon (Scott's birthday gift from me), and hang out with cats, and eat great food (I'm also making pancakes, of the vegan variety). It's just gonna be great.

On that note, here's the good stuff I've been thinking about this week. First up, I've definitely been thinking about food, a lot. Here are some recipes I'm planning on trying in the near future: Alphabet Soup from the Post-Punk Kitchen, Chocolate Chip Cookies from ohdeardrea & Pinto Poblano Soup via my CSA, Eatwell Farm. And also? I'm totally in love with my new phone, a Samsung Galaxy S3. You will see even more photos from it when I write my "snapshots from a happy life" post this Sunday.

Much love, and have a wonderful Friday night!


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