Loving — Life. Getting (almost) enough sleep. Starting to find the fire within myself to take pictures of concerts again. Having a clean house. My husband. My family. My cats. The very sudden appearance of autumn in the bay area. The last throes of summer. Thinking about the future. Being grateful for the past.   You know, the usual shits & giggles.

comfort food
Devouring — This simple, but very good, spaghetti & marinara sauce I made last night for dinner (see photo stage right). There's something about this pasta (from Corte Madera ... not far from us!) that is really great (texture-wise; it might be hand made or pressed a certain way or left to dry in the sun), and the sauce is good, too (I used a combination of canned and fresh tomatoes, plus zucchini). This has always been comfort food to me.

Giving — everything I've got at work this week. I'm exhausted. I've also been dedicating quite a lot of energy into trying to get a press pass for a concert tonight. It's not working out, and I should probably just accept that, but I am kinda bullheaded when people don't respond to my emails and I also really want to see this band! In case you're interested, its Maximo Park, one of my favorite bands from 2005-2008ish ... I've never gotten the chance to see them because they haven't toured the US since 2007. And I'm going to miss it. I can't believe I forgot about the show until this Monday morning. Big fail on my part.

Grateful for — Reconnecting with an old, very dear-to-me friend about things going on in our lives, things we don't discuss publicly, and oh my word has it ever made a difference in how I feel. It had been so long since I'd connected with another female who I truly felt understood where I was coming from (it's a very rare thing). Of course I am totally not surprised that it turned out to be this particular person, who is not a typical girl either. Either way, I'm so grateful that this has happened, and my soul feels a bit more at peace now. Isn't it amazing how just one conversation can do that to you?

Going — to Los Angeles, to shoot a wedding in Malibu, just one week from tomorrow. Scott & I both most recently lived in Los Angeles, but neither of us has been back, even for a visit, since 2004. 2004! That was 8 freaking years ago! So ridiculous. Other than the wedding, we're very much looking forward to seeing some old friends (and staying with my BFF Christina for one night). I am really looking forward to this trip even though it falls on a nasty full moon weekend (gulp).

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  1. yay for going back to LA. I miss my hometown so much.
    stopping from the linky. I love your page.

  2. Sounds like things are going pretty swell with you =) That's awesome. I wish I was getting close to good sleep. I'm no where near that at all lol.

    - Sarah

    1. Well, I go through phases with sleeping! When I'm getting bad sleep, WATCH.OUT. :P By the way, I think we're relative neighbors, you live in Sunnyvale, right?

  3. That spaghetti looks amazing! I've never tried putting zucchini in my sauce, but I think I will have to give it a try.


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