Woo! Its only a day late, even though I swore it would get done yesterday. Yep, it's very much been one of those weeks. The good news is that I should be posting twice today, and getting back into the rhythm of posting regularly as of ... now:

Fall: It's happening // whether I want it to or not! 
Disliking — Everything having to do with money. Seriously. Why must we have a  money-based society? Also? Fire alarm testing at my building today. I'm trying to chase down our property manager right now to see if I need to leave work, just an hour and a half after I got here ... you know, in case people are going to be in my house while neither of us are there. I don't want the cats to get out! Freaking out now!
Drinking — Water, though I wish it were wine. 
Learning — More lessons, every single day of my life. I seem to be going through a crisis of confidence this week (another one. I thought these were over?). I think the true folly was thinking that "these were over." The key is just to keep living my life, I guess. You know? 
Loving — My dear husband, whose birthday is next Tuesday. I'm currently formulating a card for him, and it's made me realize just how much he deserves to be appreciated. Not just now, but all the time -- though now is the time when I'm absolutely required to make him feel appreciated (in a good way!). 
Managing — Life, somewhat badly. Ain't that the truth. This month is going to be about managing that life well, I've decided, because I really want to feel good about things again. August left me with the feeling that I'd lost control of my life, and that's no way to be. September? You're awesome. Lets do this.

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  1. I wish I were drinking some wine right now too. I hope September is a better month for you. This month always feels like a good time for a fresh start.

    1. I agree, so much! Already feeling it. I hope you're having some wine right now ;)


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