Achieving Stuff: September

ferry plaza // last saturday
But what if I don't want to achieve stuff in September? is all I keep thinking as I begin this post.
— me, on September 5th
My, how pathetic and prophetic that turned out to be. As I resume this post now, halfway through September, I've had a lot of time to think about the month and what I want out of it. And I realized that setting petty goals like taking clothes to Goodwill (not that that's petty, but it is a one-off) are what turned me off to "achieving things." I have a lot of goals and things I want this month, but a lot of them are deeper, more personal and long term life things. I am tired of being the same old person. I need to get serious. And keeping all of that inside isn't the best idea, so I decided to finish this post after all.

Here are some things I want to achieve this month:

I want to stop being unkind to people in my head.
I want to leave every space I encounter in better shape than I found it.
I want to tell everyone I love that I love them, every day.
I want to accept that nothing stays the same forever, and know that strength of character comes from adaptation.
I want to be deliberate in my actions, expressions, and thoughts.
I want to plan for the future while remaining open to all of the options available to us.
I want to tune out all the stuff I normally allow in for my heart to use as ammunition against itself.
I want to be relaxed and happy, yet productive and driven.
I want to appreciate every moment, at home and at work., you see? Just that. Heh.

I yearn to be more than I am right now. While I have the time. I need to move forward instead of treading water. It feels like I've been treading water for the last couple of years. Time to stop start.


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