Things I would tell my sixteen-year-old self, because you really want to know, right? Wait, don't teenagers know everything?

That showoff up there is me on my last day of my junior year of high school in 1999. I made my mom take this picture of me in the backyard of our house in Los Angeles (Pico & Roxbury, if you wondered) after I changed, naturally, into my "leisure pants" (this is what I actually, truly called them). I  think I had just gotten my hair done ... but other than that ... not sure what my motivation was. That actually typifies being sixteen in general, though, doesn't it? Not having a clue? Thinking you do?

Anyway. If I could tell sixteen-year-old me ten things (without upsetting the timeline, as they say in every science fiction everything ever, because everything I've ever done has led me up to this very moment and what if I erased Scott or me or became my own grandma?!), they'd probably be these things:
  1. That relationship? That one you sacrificed so much for? Get out of it. Now. It's not worth it. 
  2. The reason you and your father fight so much is because you are exactly alike! This is the key to all things !!! Think about it a LOT! Try not to be so argumentative all the time with him.
  3. Do something every day that scares you. "Trust in the wisdom of the universe, and never make decisions out of fear" is something you'll repeat to yourself a lot in the future.
  4. Learn how to study. Your intelligence will only carry you so far & you will stumble, hard!
  5. The events of April 5th, 2000? Yeah. Just ... don't do that, OK? Don't.
  6. When you are 17 you are going to think it's a great idea to dye your hair black. Again ... you will save yourself a lot of regret if you just don't do this. You look awful with black hair!
  7. Put yourself out there, live to the fullest, but don't be stupid! Life is fragile. The motto "no regrets" is going to come to mind shortly & let me tell you, it's a dumb motto, because you have no idea what it really means. 
  8. You're extremely creative, a true artist. Take an art class now, and don't doubt yourself as a creative being. You can be great at academics and great at art at the same time (!)
  9. Don't waste time trying to get people to like you. 
  10. I'd tell you to stop taking yourself so damn seriously! ...but you're sixteen, so I know it's pointless. And besides, you'll be kind of glad you did this later. Shhhh. 
Semiformal dance, 1998 // roaming downtown L.A. 1998 // X-Files movie signing, 1998

Best of Both Worlds


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