Five things that make me happy right now

It's a great thing to channel positivity in yourself. And today, doing that is precisely what I need, and about ten thousand times more difficult than normal. I'm in the midst of a stress tempest, feeling doomed to failure both at work and at home, and ny mind is a total mess as people around me try to tear me down in the midst of it, and I have a sick husband at home, and . Don't you just love those days?

Heh. I wrote the above many hours ago. The day has continued to spiral out of control. It's 9:30pm and we've yet to have dinner, and I have definitely capitulated at this point. Congratulations, day, you've officially kicked my ass.

In fact? I'm going to have to write this tomorrow. I'm just too tired.

OK, now it's Thursday. I came into work late today because I stayed late yesterday, and I feel much better ... though I am just as screwed as I was before, if not more. But I feel prepared to write this today, which means its a huge improvement over the cluster-you-know-what of yesterday. 

Aaaaand now its Friday, after a ridiculously busy Thursday.

Five things making me happy right now:

1. I've been listening to a lot of Friendly Fires for the last couple of days. I really love this band, and I only first heard their music 9 months ago at the Treasure Island Music Festival. I was blown away by their live performance and realized I'd had some weird and totally wrong idea of who they were and what they sounded like (turns out, I was thinking about another band, The Fiery Furnaces). Anyway, this is my favorite Friendly Fires song, and I know you'll love it too:

2. Last night I was sitting around, miserable and exhausted, thinking about the things that were making me happy in that moment. Other than the typical "my life, my husband blah blah blah" I wanted to think about things that really were in the moment. Here are some things I came up with: Zeke, noodles & onions. 

Zeke rolling on the floor // peanut soba noodles from last night, NOM // CSA onions <3

3. BORIS, the 5-foot tall traffic cone in the hallway at work. He's so comically tall that every time I see him I become very happy. I think this is one of my weirder quirks: I truly find insane humor in things that are absurdly large (that's what she said?). I used to want to make my own line of Giant Plush Chinese Food(tm), which would feature a huge fuzzy pagoda box and a 6' long plush set of chopsticks. So, yeah. I don't know how you're feeling right now, after I said that, because I think that's pretty damn weird.
4. The fact that in just a few days, I will be here:
Basecamp Hotel sunset, South Lake Tahoe
5.  That today is the first day of my vacation, and I am just totally thrilled not to be at work. 

Best of Both Worlds


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