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Wednesday morning @ work
Cooking — It's weird, I haven't been focusing too much on my cooking lately. However, the other night I got an all-too-rare treat: Scott cooked me dinner! He's an incredible chef in his own right (and has decades more experience than I do), but due to his schedule he hasn't been the chef in this house ... since we got together, really. I have of course also taken over the kitchen to the point where I call it "my kitchen," so, you know, there you go. I think the last time we cooked together/he cooked for me was Valentines Day, so when he offered to make these incredible scallion pancakes on Tuesday night, I did a jig down the hall. He used to eat these pancakes all the time from street vendors when he lived in Taiwan. I now have seen the light: they are so good! Pictures forthcoming (I did take them). And yes, they're vegan.
Reading — I am now on the last book in A Song of Ice & Fire, which is A Dance With Dragons. Of course its excellent, though I'm starting to feel intense anxiety about being done with the series. I know the author hasn't really written much of the next book yet. Crap! I may never read again, you guys! This series has been so good! I may just spend the rest of my life reading fanfiction! Can you get fanfiction on a Kindle?
Wishing — That I could get some sleep. This week has been bad for that. On Saturday I have a date with my couch for the first weekend of college football (!) so I should be able to rest then, but not before then.
Considering — Whether or not to go out tonight. I really shouldn't, but I had planned on shooting at least the first half of a concert, so we'll see. Otherwise? I'll be watching MOAR FOOTBALL tonight!
Looking for — A new wig for my Halloween costume! This is actually just an excuse to buy a new wig from my favorite wig store, Miss Violet Lace. I'd let you know which one I want, but I'm desperately paranoid that someone is going to buy it, so I'd rather keep it a secret, until I somehow find the funds to purchase it! They are custom-made and NOT mass-produced, so my fear is real! I guess what I'm looking for at this point is money, though, since I already know which wig I want. ;)

Today has been one of those days.

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  1. Why are street vendors so much more amazing outside of North America?! Scallion pancakes sound oddly amazing.

    Have a good weekend on the couch. I'm totally jealous :)

    1. Oh thank you! I had an amazing couch day today ... in fact, its not over yet ...


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