Lake Tahoe // from Van Sickle Bi-State Park // South Lake Tahoe
The gorgeous Lakeside Beach // Lake Tahoe
First things first: I'm laughing at myself right now, because I must truly love inserting my foot as far into my mouth as possible, right? I must, because I sure to set myself up for it all the time. Just last night I finally wrote about why I don't like to post my "nice" (professional/DSLR) photos on this blog, because the blog is meant to be more of a scrapbook of daily life, and I love Instagram and being lazy/informal ... and then I go and start uploading really nice shots of our anniversary trip. You know, because I really like to point out exactly how much I talk out of my you-know-what all the time!

Anyway, whatever. I'm a Gemini. Sorry to say, I'm a bit of a hopeless case! In other news, it's Thursday already (!), and its time for another edition of my favorite interwebz link-up. Currently, I'm...

Missing —Being on vacation, and more specifically, the wonder that is Lake Tahoe. Sometimes I have moments where I think I can still smell the hot, woody air, or the inside of Harrah's Casino (that's a less pleasant smell, in case you were wondering). I really want to go back. I had no idea what I was missing all these years! I am so happy we've discovered such an awesome new vacation destination. I know everyone had been to Tahoe except me (everyone!) & I can now tell all of you: I get it! I totally get it.

Craving —A Strawberry Splash smoothie with soy yogurt from Juice Appeal in Berkeley, aka the best smoothie ever made. I hope I never forget just how incredible this smoothie tasted when we were on our juice fast last month; the soy yogurt tasted so good, it should have been illegal! You think I'm kidding, unless you've also gone on a juice fast.

Anticipating — I'm not really sure what, to be honest, but I am amped up about something, that's for sure. The weekend, for sure. I just entered a photo contest that I would absolutely love to have your vote in ...
I entered the NME Magazine Music Photo Contest!
... and I am quite anticipatory about that, even though I shouldn't be. If you could spare one minute of your time to vote, I would be so grateful! Click on the caption link two lines up. The shot above of Laura Marling is the first of 5 consecutive photos of mine. Thank you, friends. 

Thinking about — Life, love, dancing, heart, determination, emotion, perseverance ... feeling inspired.

Singing — I am totally embarrassing myself right now by rocking out at my desk listening to a totally trashy club-disco song over & over again. I can't help it. It makes me feel so happy. And furthermore, the video features gorgeous Italian women wrestling each other in a boxing ring wearing hardly any clothes. And there's fuzzy carpeting on the floor of the boxing ring. You know, just cuz that's how they roll in Italy. Probably best not to watch this at work (its not that scandalous, you just get to see the butts of a lot of Italian women who clearly work out a lot and are probably all models...). Well, anyway, sorry if you were warned and get scandalized or something, because I totally gave you a lot of chances not to look. ;)

& on that note ... lets just get this one over with and head into Friday, people! 

I linked up with Harvesting Kale & This Amazing Day, and you should, too!

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