Greetings from gorgeous South Lake Tahoe!
Tahoe Rim Trail
Lakeside Beach, South Lake Tahoe
Happy about — basically everything, right now ... being here has been an incredible break that we desperately needed. Yesterday I ran into Lake Tahoe with all of my clothes on! It was one of those things I had to do, in that exact moment.
Searching for —some freaking tempeh in this town! Sprouts, the awesome cafe we've been visiting, is suffering from a tempeh shortage, and as such this trip has been tempeh-less. I know, right? If this is the biggest problem we're facing, I think we're doing pretty well. Yesterday I had a great tofu bowl instead, so no regrets.
Making —plans for the rest of the day. So far: lunch (at Sprouts!), followed by the beach (shown above). We've decided not to go kayaking but will likely be hitting up the casinos again later ... because that's a new thing for me. Scott taught me how to play roulette last night!
Feeling — mixed about going home late tonight. I want to see the cats & fish again ... we really, really miss them and a couple of friends have had tragic things happen to their cats while we've been gone, so it will be nice to be back. But then again ... vacation is wonderful ...
Going —to be checking out of the fantastic Basecamp Hotel in just 45 minutes, so I better sign off and finish packing up our things. We'll be back in SF early tomorrow morning!

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  1. So jealous! Lake Tahoe looks and sounds amazing. I can't wait to hear all about it when you're back :)

    1. I just published an entry you might want to see!!


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