Welp. For lack of anything more descriptive, I think sums up yesterday for me, in a nutshell (help! how did we get in this nut shell?):
oh monday, have mercy
After being sick (and I'm still NOT recovered), my productivity has taken a nosedive. Unfortunately, last night Scott came down with the same cold, and when Scott gets sick its basically like someone "picked up the red phone" and suddenly the apocalypse may be nigh. You think I'm kidding, but I'm not. Poor Scott. I won't make fun of him too badly on here, but lets just put it this way: in the past, he's diagnosed himself with a) lockjaw; b) salmonella/e.coli; c) tuberculosis; d) shingles — all while dealing with bouts of common cold/flu/allergies. I can't imagine what it must feel like to be a Virgo ... but I learn more every day. ;)

In addition to all that going on at home, I am only in the office through Thursday this week, after which I will be on vacation for one week! That is the best thing ever, but the amount of work I need to get done between now and then is not as good. And beyond that, I'm shooting a private party this Thursday (it's at the Ferrari store in Union Square and pays $$$ but I lose all the rights to my images and I just learned I'm banned from drinking any of the booze ... I guess I can be bought, but at what price?!) followed by two days of wedding photography madness (which will be fun, but exhausting).

I guess the reason all of these things are generating so much anxiety is because I feel so exhausted, and yet I keep staying up too late watching the Olympics, and therefore NBC's tape delay shoulders 100% responsibility for my inability to function ... right? That's logic, right? Also: I can do this! Psssshhh. I've done it before, and under much more exhausted circumstances, believe it or not. I don't really feel comforted by that, though ... only like more of a loser!

So now we are at 2.5 workdays until my week off begins, and photography madness along with it.


Yesterday, on my way home from work, I stepped off the train and turned the other direction, away from home. I had to clear my head for a few minutes, and it was gorgeous out. I walked around one of my favorite neighborhood places, South Beach Harbor, and snapped pictures as people & dogs jogged past me, and other people with (evidently awesome) jobs took their boats out on the bay during a workday.

It was very calming. I love the sea. Anything marine related, and I'm in my happy place. Like this shot of the fishing pier, processed with three different camera apps & definitely one of my favorite I've ever taken:
the distance // my happy place // almost there // pier 40 // sf 
I can do this. But I probably need to stop writing this blog entry in order to get there ...   → later, gators.


  1. From my experience, it's not just Scott. Men in general tend to turn into complete babies when they are sick.

    1. I tend to suffer silently. Also I try to always sleep as much as possible when sick so that I don't have the opportunity to mope and whine!


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