Achieving Stuff: August


After looking at my "stuff to achieve" list for July tonight (and yes, it was the first time I'd looked since I wrote it), I was actually—and perhaps for the first time—kinda proud of myself. Maybe I set the bar lower, or maybe I actually had a productive month, I can't quite tell...but I don't care, either. As a guy running the 5k last weekend said while looping other runners, "GO ME!"  And I'm not even trying to high-five all of you while yelling it.

Anyway. Last month:
· We figured out where we're going for our anniversary trip (Lake Tahoe!) & I decided to take an entire week off from work (yes!) which I am very, very excited about.
· I went back to the farmers market, once. It was really wonderful, and I wish I'd had time to go again.
· I managed to not become nocturnal for 95% of the month!
· I finished reading A Clash of Kings and have been in the thick of A Storm of Swords (book 3 in the series). OMG, it's been the best yet. I've been devouring it.
· I canceled my Wells Fargo checking account and found out my new bank doesn't offer multiple debit cards (don't get me started).
· I shot a lot less. This felt really good. I feel less burned out now!
· I wrote an article for And I need to write more, to be in good standing.
· We went on a juice fast ... which is over today! TODAY!
· I finished my progressive marathon by running many miles, including a 5k at the SF Marathon.
· The Olympics started, so I have terminal Olympic Fever (watch out, its contagious!)
· I discovered and now our household products are a lot easier to buy

This is all great. I am really pleased. Of course, today, the last day of the juice fast, which will be celebrated tonight with a pizza at Goat Hill Pizza, I woke up with a sore throat & a cough. This has been brewing since Monday or Tuesday, when I began coughing slightly. I sure hope it goes away soon. I haven't been sick in a very long time, which is a miracle considering my day job is full of people who are always sick and coughing and sneezing everywhere. I can't take time off because everyone else on my team is either on vacation or in training courses for the next two days, and I am the only one left responsible. Awesome.

But anyway, I hope I recover soon, because I have shoots on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and there will be little rest for the weary. Today my goals are: split pea soup, A Storm of Swords, enough work to get through the day, getting cat food. Tonight my goals are this: eat pizza, drink wine, watch Olympics, sleep.

A perfect night, if you ask me. I'm not setting the bar too high.


August is going to be a very busy month for me. I have a lot of shoots, which is good but intimidating. I want to make sure to stay healthy and make progress on fitness goals, finance goals & sleeping goals.

The good news is that I am taking an entire week off of work, starting on August 10th. We're shooting an extremely awesome and fun wedding on August 11th, then leave for Lake Tahoe on the 14th (our 6th wedding anniversary), return on the 16th, and I don't go back to work until August 20th. Oh, this is going to be so very sweet. Other than taking 2 weeks off over the holidays, which is great but always manages to be stressful, I haven't taken a real vacation since we went to Rome in October 2009. Yup. Almost three years! So this is deserved, and I am feeling very good about it. Time with Scott, time at home ... the best.

· I need to keep my head screwed on this month, because otherwise I'm going to go crazy.
· Shoot a great wedding on the 11th, after shooting a private event at Ferrari on August 9th ($/happy!)
· Book a trip to Boise to see my uncle & grandma
· Keep running, and figure out what race I'm going to do next (I want to get some lined up!)
· Book trip to Los Angeles for the end of September (shooting a wedding!)
· Watch the Olympics as much as humanly possible
· Finish A Storm of Swords and move on to the next book in the series. Yay reading!
· Cook a lot of fantastic food, since I haven't cooked in nearly two weeks!

This month is going to be a doozy. But, hopefully, also really good. What are you doing this month? 


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