Zeke ❤

I'm entering the latest photo challenge over at The Paper Mama, and this one happens to be pets! So, of course I had to post my favorite photo of my sweet, sweet Zeke.

Bustopher Jones is not skin and bones-- In fact, he's remarkably fat (236/366)

I had a very, very hard time choosing my "favorite" photo. There are just too many wonderful shots of my softest, cuddliest mama's boy; for a cat who isn't particularly fond of the camera, I've managed to coax quite a few gems out of him over the last 7 years (how is he 7 already?!). This one, though, speaks to me. This is the face I look forward to squishing into mine every second of every day. I love him so much. 


  1. Psst.... look here: http://thepapermama.com/2012/07/the-pet-photo-challenge-winners.html I'll need your email within 72 hours. :)


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