The Stupid Taxi That Couldn't, And Other Assorted Tales of The City

Well, this morning was interesting.

I was waiting for the bus like I usually do (and it was late, ahem), when I heard an awful screeching of tires coming from the intersection I live at (just down the street from where I was standing). I looked up just in time to see a taxi (SUV) slam itself into the back of an ambulance. Whoa! I think I said "holy shit!" out loud, and started walking toward the corner in case someone needed assistance. Fortunately, you know, since an ambulance was involved, no one had to ... call an ambulance. Yup.

Also fortunately, everyone was OK (the taxi driver & passenger, and both paramedics), but the SUV sustained pretty good damage & pieces of it were strewn all over the intersection. And of course, the SUV had to stay in the middle of the intersection while people investigated, so I am sure a ton of commutes were ruined. If I had been the lady passenger in the cab, I would have been freaking out; it was a scary accident and it became very clear to me that you do not mess with an ambulance. It had nary a scratch or dent on it, while the entire front of the SUV was crunched in!
A photo from the scene by @KatieABC7

Perhaps the most interesting part of all this is that for the last couple of days, I've had the strangest feeling that I was going to witness a car accident while waiting for the bus at that intersection. I can't explain it, but when it happened this morning I was simultaneously shocked & totally unsurprised. Does anyone else ever get feelings like this? 

Anyway, the only annoying part is that I was late to work because my bus had a lot of trouble turning left past the broken taxi, but I realize that's being stupid because hey, what if I had been in the taxi? Or the ambulance, for that matter? So much could have been worse. Time to feel grateful instead.

But anyway. That's been my Tuesday so far. Juicing is going well. I am eating a lot of fruit, too. Normally I think fruit is boring, but suddenly apricots have become God's gift to eating. Work is work. Life is happening. I am trying desperately to get enough sleep and get everything done that needs to get done, but neither of those things is happening right now. I feel like I exist in a weird alternate universe where everything revolves around juicing, and its all I can really afford to think about.

I've caught myself making a list of the foods I am going to make in my kitchen once I am done with the juice fast. They include Mexican rice, vegan quesadillas, homemade spinach linguine, and ... I actually should stop talking about this right now, because I want all of this so badly. I feel like I'm going to have an entirely new appreciation for food when all of this is over.

Not that we didn't have a very tasty juice for dinner last night:
Avocado-lemon-cucumber juice 

But ... yeah. I am enjoying this at times, but hey, only seven more days, right? 


  1. Eeks! I hate car accidents :( I've never witnessed one happen, but I've been in one before.

    I've been looking at your juicing photos and they look rather tasty! Especially the redder ones.

    1. I've never really been in one. I was in a scooter accident once, which was bad enough -- terrifying!


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