Snapshots from a happy life

Not sure what it says about me that I am so much more motivated to write blog posts when I get huge (for me) amounts of traffic on the blog itself...but its true. If I were writing this blog "just for myself," lets be honest, why would I try so hard? I want to share. With people. On the internets. So to the influx of people who have arrived today, hello! My name is Amber, and I currently have a (completely self-inflicted) headache.

Some things that happened this week:
  • I've started redeeming recent LivingSocial purchases. Of course both involve food. One was for a box of produce from Farm Fresh To You, but the most exciting one is from Full Circle Farm. I don't know why, it just is. I think its that I've "heard things" about Farm Fresh To You that I don't like (that they are pretty corporate, that they ship stuff from Bakersfield, etc, which to me is not local), and Full Circle has a really nice website design. Yeah, that stuff really matters to me!
  • Massive jealousy toward all of my friends who are at Comic-Con. I just read about the Archer panel from yesterday & I am in tears laughing. My friends should have reports today from the Firefly & Game of Thrones panels ... if they're lucky. And I hope they are, because I am living vicariously through them! 
  • I went on a run yesterday, and am now only 2.46 miles away from completing the 23.1 mile requirement in my Progressive Marathon. This makes me very, very happy and makes me feel very accomplished! I look forward to running more in the next three weeks, culminating in a 5k at the SF Marathon on July 29th.
  • I slept too little last night after shooting a show & am now totally, completely useless. It has been a struggle today so far getting simple tasks done (though let it be known: I arrived at work on time & still managed to take out some recycling before I left the house this morning!). I read recently that 30-year-olds should stop saying "I'm too old for this" about things, but ouch ouch ouch, what about things that hurt the next day? I'm allowed to put up the white flag of surrender and say I'm not 20 anymore, I can't get away with 4 hours of sleep after drinking & a 5:30am wake up time anymore. Thankfully I don't often feel this way anymore; I am generally pretty good about it. But when I'm not ...UGH. To me, wasting days because I'm a wreck from the night before really grinds my gears!
  • Last night I reached new levels of clumsiness when I managed to smack my lip between the stage & my camera while shooting. I think that takes a lot of talent, personally, to be able to somehow do that, and I'm quite proud of myself! Well, maybe not proud, but at least my lip, which feels fat, doesn't look fat. And as if that weren't enough, last night I came home, snuggled Zeke and he clawed me in the face, so now I also have a cut below my left eye! Just imagine, it could have been so much worse: as it is, no one can tell anything happened, but what if I'd showed up at work with a split lip & a black eye this morning? Ha! Everyone would think I'd been in a bar fight. Only with myself ...
Anyhoo. The time has come for lunch, which means that the glory of the weekend approacheth. What are you doing this weekend? Fun plans? Talk to me! & in the meantime, enjoy these snapshots. 

I made black bean salsa on the 4th of July
Tamari-lemon tempeh with thai chili-almond butter sauce, on brown rice
summer time is salsa time: this is a taco topped with homemade cucumber salsa
My new favorite company to buy stuff from!
I really need a pair of these shoes. Seen on a very stylish girl on the bus
hanging out at yerba buena gardens
I walk past this on my way home from work every day // uc berkeley 
heirloom cherry tomatoes from eatwell farm 


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