A good weekend

Summer flowers in full swing 
I suppose its the hallmark of a good weekend when you wake up on Monday morning absolutely exhausted, right? Or maybe that's not when you're 30 years old and actually need that sleep. Oops? 

I wish I could say that we were out painting the town red or hobnobbing with celebrities or whatever the kids today are doing that everyone thinks is cool (get off my lawn!), but instead, I went to bed at midnight last night because Scott & I got engrossed in National Geographic documentaries about dire wolves and saber tooth cats. Yep. And they were poorly animated, too, that was probably the best part. We are such nerds.

It was really fun, but this afternoon my eyes are still crossing, and I've definitely exceeded my caffeine intake for the day. No more. I just have to deal with it. Something tells me going to bed very early is in the cards. I seriously can't wait. 

As for the weekend: I had an epic, wonderful engagement shoot with my new favorite couple on Saturday, which got me out of the house on what felt like the hottest day of the year. We spent three hours photographing and talking through the Mission, and I had a really, really good time. If you weren't already aware that I am a professional photographer, I am! Take a peek at this session by clicking here & contact me if you're in the area and interested in a session!

Q Restaurant
Lets see, what else? By Sunday the weather was back to "summer in San Francisco" again (aka, cloudy and cold), but I love that weather.

On Sunday morning, we went out to brunch at Q Restaurant with our friend (Marcine) and her new, awesome Dutch boyfriend (Erwin). It was a lot of fun, and the tofu scramble was delicious.

I had to look pretty hard to find a reasonably-priced brunch place in San Francisco that served a vegan option, which surprised me a little, but then again, this is the city that has seen a hipster-fueled craze of bacon & fried chicken+waffles in recent years, so perhaps I was disappointed rather than surprised. This city has a reputation of being very "hippie" and vegan-friendly, and I'm sure it is, but apparently its still not hip to be a vegan breakfast-eater. Anyway, the food & the company at Q was fantastic, and it was a really lovely morning. ♥

Other than that, life this weekend involved the usual chores/cooking/TV/fish tank sort of stuff. And it was very nice. And today is Monday and with it comes all of the usual Monday things and somehow the workday is over in 30 minutes and how exactly did that happen? Oh wait, work is over now. See what I mean?

I have some (I think, at least) interesting posts planned for the near future. The most interesting one will be about the juice fast Scott & I are going on starting this coming Sunday. Stay tuned! 


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