Every day I'm juicin'

Summer Green Juice
So, here we are. Juicing like mad fools. I feel good, but I go through mental ups and downs. The ups: "Oh my gosh, this is the best thing ever! In the world!" The downs: "I hate every single second of this and cannot wait until 10 days is over and why does everyone post so many photos of food online?!"

Thankfully, the good outweighs the bad, at least right now, and the juice above happens to be extremely good, so I'm at work and I'm working and life is moving on, in spite of my lack of solid foods.

I love the teamwork that this fast requires. Scott & I make a really good team, and its nice to remember just how well we can work together when we have a truly common goal. See? Already the silver linings are making themselves apparent, after just a day or so.

Also: yesterday we went on a 4.5 mile walk through our end of the city, and it was great.

I've learned that I function best (and I'm sure this can be extrapolated outward to life in general) in a given situation when something exists that I can consider a "treat." Case in point: life became much easier to deal with yesterday when I realized I could make one of my favorite things in the world: strawberry-banana smoothies (strawberries, banana, ice), and not break the rules of the fast. Score! The result? I made eight of them yesterday, four for me and four for Scott. We're now out of a Costco-sized box of strawberries, and went through half a dozen bananas. But oh my lord, they are so good. Comfort food. Tasty goodness:

Strawberry-banana smoothie
Here are some other examples from our adventures so far. I'm going to try to take as many photos as I can of the juices we're drinking, and stay engaged, though honestly? This is an exhausting task, and we spend a lot of time figuring out juices, making juices, sneaking apricots, and figuring out how to stay full & filled with proper nutrients, so I may not post about this every day. In fact, I really hope not to. So "digest form" will have to suffice. I think you'd probably not like to hear about juice 24/7, right? Right.

V28 juice w/ tonnnnnes of beets, y'all
Tabbouleh juice (totes parsley)
Another view of the V28 juice

So: all in all, a really good weekend. How was yours? Happy Monday (yeah, yeah, I know)! 


  1. Oooooh, that explains your masochistic Sunday trip to Costco! Do they have organic berries in bulk? If so, I will go get a bunch and throw them in the freezer! :)

    1. So, I can confirm that the blueberries ARE organic, and they had a bunch of other really nice produce as well -- not all of it is organic but yeah, sometimes you have to compromise. I KNOW the blueberries are organic though. They also have tons of organic produce -- kale, spinach, etc. I was so excited to find the kale!


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