(Vegan) tortilla soup

I knew the moment I posted the following photo on Instagram & someone thought it was taken in a restaurant that I had made one damn pretty dinner. Behold:

tortilla soup with chips, avocado & cilantro

I mean, wow, right? I'm not usually that great with presentation. My dad, who unfortunately didn't get to teach me anything about cooking before he died, was really good with presentation, but like I said, he didn't get to teach me anything in this regard. I chalk my success up here to two things: luck, and a great recipe.

I found this recipe for this Spicy Vegetarian Tortilla Soup last week on Pinterest, and even posted about it on this here blog, promising to report back after I'd tried it. Well: I've tried it. And it proved to be quite a hit, with Scott as well (he always loves what I cook, but he loved this)!

I've always found myself disappointed with various tortilla soups I've tried over the years, either at restaurants or in my own kitchen. It just seemed so ... watery. And there weren't a ton of vegetables in it. That's the great thing about this recipe, which I only modified a tiny bit (I used locally sourced canned tomatoes w/o cilantro/lime, and a bit more than recommended, since I could only find 14oz cans, not 10oz cans; I used frozen corn, since its better for you than canned corn; I used herbs de provence instead of oregano; I obviously used a better brand of veggie stock than Swanson (ew!); and I added more than 3 cloves of garlic). Also, when you make this? Please don't use any "light colored oil" & just use olive oil. I think I ended up also adding a bunch of sons of bitches (aka chili flake) to up the spice.

To top the soup, I chopped up some cilantro, diced half an avocado onto each bowl, and lined half the bowl with tortilla chips. This soup ... it was good. Really good. And the recipe, since it calls for so much broth, has lasted us for three days now without running out. You all should try this, especially since the spice factor can be adjusted so much to suit individual tastes, and its chock full of vegetables. Plus, the addition of tortilla chips (next time I'm going to make my own, but this time we used Casa Sanchez)  makes you feel like you're eating something far unhealthier than you actually are. Mmmmm.

Enjoy, and let me know how it goes/what modifications you make! 


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