The unpopular opinion

Usually I am relentlessly positive on this blog and on the internet and in my life in general. This is because I think there is too much negativity in the world already, and because I believe that thinking positively is extremely powerful and leads to happiness. However, this doesn't mean that I am some super sweet, squeaky-clean nice girl. The other day, someone (a stranger) on Twitter suggested that my name was inappropriate because "Amber is a name for strippers" & that I am so sweet and positive, my name should be "Daisy" or something else that made me make one of those faces.  Barf!

WELL. Lucky you, because I'm about to show you just how much of a bitch I can be on the inside, and how lucky you are that I choose not to focus on the negative! I have potentially the world's largest list of pet peeves. I also find that I tend to be annoyed by/dislike things that the majority of people seem to like, so I imagine you will balk at some if not all of these.

I'd apologize for the negativity, but I woke up so far on the wrong side of the bed this morning, it was almost in another zip code, so you're in fact fortunate I'm taking it out on a blog post instead of on all of my loved ones! Just keepin' it real.

On that note, here's some stuff I hate!
  • I hate popcorn. 
  • I also hate apples. I mean, they taste fine, but they're so boring
  • Figs.
  • That "becoming a mom" is apparently legitimate training for being a photographer now.
  • Obnoxious, amateur-looking watermarks on photos. Curly fonts? Come on. Seriously?
  • Art school graduates who get their dream job straight out of college
  • Vegan cheese
  • Stupid club girls, who make others assume that all girls are that dumb/lacking in self-respect
  • People who swim in the slow lane at my pool when they aren't slow swimmers
  • People who email me after I take their photo for free & demand I take down the majority of the photos because they're so insecure and self-judging, then temper it with "Oh but I love them!"
  • Birds that sing in the dark and aren't owls. WTF
  • Car alarms set off by Harley-Davidsons driving past them on the street
  • Control/open-Apple-Z doesn't work 90% of the time on the Macbook
  • Wearing too many ruffles & bows at one time -- gives me the willies/makes me think of "Toddlers & Tiaras" in adult form
  • Pineapple on pizza: why are so many of you doing it?
  • Pop radio. Why. Just ... why? Why are you listening to it?!
  • People who put plastic straws through the tiny hole in their hot coffee container & drink it that way. First of all, the straw probably has toxins in it that are being released into the coffee due to prolonged exposure to heat. Second of all, it looks stupid
  • Those who were evidently not taught proper grocery store checkout lane etiquette & fail to set out the divider for the next person behind them
  • Uninformed voters. See also: people who don't bother voting. 
  • People who sit next to you on public transit & there isn't anyone else on the train.
  • The drunken, arrogant entitlement that seems to infect 75% of baseball fans on a given night
  • Monkeys (I would never wish them harm but they disturb me; remind me of my animal nature)
  • I hate that so many people seem to get married these days without any idea of how hard they need to work, always, to keep their marriage healthy and happy and progressing. It's a lifelong commitment and I just can't understand why people would get married if they weren't willing to give it 150%, for the rest of their lives. Especially if they have children. On a related note, if you've been married/divorced three times? ...its probably your fault (AHEM, TOM CRUISE). 
  • Friends who put you down in order to lift themselves up. That's not friendship.
  • The group of people who spread propaganda on the internet saying that obesity isn't unhealthy. Guess what? It's unhealthy. If you compare it to anorexia the playing field is more even, but that's not exactly fair, is it.
....I think that's enough for today (I could go on for a while!). I feel better. Do you? 


  1. what about people who insult your name on twitter saying it's a stripper's name? i'd put that high on the list. :)

    1. Number of times I've said to my mother "Mom, why did you give me a porn star name?" = HUNDREDS ;)
      I didn't get insulted by that. I live a very interesting, crazy life & I hold great contempt for "the average female" -- so naturally THAT is what I would get up in arms about ;) ha!

      If this person had said that they'd determined I was a slut because of my name alone, I could have used THAT as a teaching point and the conversation could have been productive. As it was, I just felt paranoid that I was coming off as GIRLY on the internet, and that freaked me out, man!

  2. The group of people who spread propaganda on the internet saying that obesity isn't unhealthy. Guess what? It's unhealthy. If you compare it to anorexia the playing field is more even, but that's not exactly fair, is it.

    Thank you, a million times over. This is so true! The idea that 'no matter what size you are doesn't count, as long as you're happy' school of thought is total BS. If you're overweight or obese you're increasing your risk of pretty much every cancer, heart problem etc going. Not healthy.

    I agree so much with pretty much everything you hate although I like vegan cheese ;). Also...on mothers becoming photographers; I think what happens there is that a lot of mothers want good quality cameras to take good quality photos of their kids and then well meaning family members say they should give photography a go as a job. I know it pisses off photographers, though...

    It kinda gets to me because I was very much into photography before my kid, I applied several times to study it but it never felt like a good fit - or like there was steady money to be made. But now I'm getting more and more into it and I worry people will just assume I'm another mama-razi ;). I don't think there's anything wrong with talented women, whether having children brings that out in them or not, picking up a camera and giving it a shot but a lot of morons are also jumping on the bandwagon ;).

    1. Re: moms & photographers -- the trouble is that the moms who are becoming photographers after buying a DSLR and taking eight million baby pictures and posting them on Flickr, is that they fall into one of two categories:

      1) Don't charge for their services, because its just a hobby, further undermining the market for professionals like me
      2) Immediately somehow achieve TOTAL SUCCESS in their careers, which is incredibly frustrating for people like me who have spent 12+ years paying dues and working SO HARD to succeed .. and I still have to have a day job. It gives the impression that photography isn't something that requires talent, as well, if success comes that fast. I think everyone should have to work hard to achieve their dreams, and when people don't, it seems unfair.

      That said ... I too have worries about when I have kids and the trouble I am going to have to go through in order to separate myself from the assumption people will make when they hear I am a mom and a photographer. I think the fact that I don't shoot newborns or child portraits helps a LOT -- I don't have to mention on my website that I'm a mom. A couple of weeks ago I read a mom photographer's photo blog, and in her bio was an extremely detailed description of her VBAC. WHY DO POTENTIAL CLIENTS NEED TO KNOW THAT? I was pretty blown away.

  3. Popcorn nowadays is like eating styrofoam. Without the flavor.

    1. We eat it at home by popping it on the stove (we use a Whirly Pop) & we cook it in coconut oil. We then add salt. The thing to me is ... its still really boring and I would never want to eat it for a snack because it gets stuck in my throat and then choking happens and I like to minimize choking. Scott LOVES POPCORN though. He would marry it if he could :P


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