Friday, June 22, 2012

Snapshots from a happy life

Happy Friday!

This one feels good, really good. I've worked hard this week, and am looking forward to a really good weekend. We're skipping Pride this year in San Francisco and will be driving down for a day in Monterey. I never thought I'd be happy about this, but I am.

 I tweeted two days ago that "2012 is about breaking free of expectations," and it really, really is, in so many ways. I couldn't feel better about this, either. It's incredibly freeing to realize that the only chains that bind you are the ones you tie yourself.

In other news, the cats got me up at 5am and Scott stole my pillow so I wasn't able to go back to sleep, so, you see? Life isn't perfect! But hey, that's my biggest complaint about today, so I think I'm doing pretty well. Especially since this isn't really a complaint. ;)

I haven't been taking as many cell phone photos lately because I've been reading during my walks outside (reading A Clash of Kings now, totally engrossed of course), and not holding up my phone looking for Instagrammable moments. I think I need to get out more? Anyway, enjoy & have a wonderful weekend! 

North Oakland, as seen from a Fremont-bound BART train (I was about to transfer)
My birthday night: wine & Finding Nemo
Summer feet. It looks like sand, but its actually just the floor in the elevator in my building!
Grass at UC Berkeley, during last week's staff party. 
A necklace given to me by a lovely lady in Wisconsin 
A peek at what I do in my photography life 
black bean soup // amber gregory photography on assignment
birthday wine at crossroads cafe // sf
the lovely, lovely garden at crossroads cafe, sf // the fountain was being used as a well-loved bird bath, so cute!

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