Monterey, again (and again and again)

Full disclosure: I really would move to Monterey in a heartbeat, given the chance. It is too bad that jobs are few & far between there. Truly. If you are reading this and know of good jobs in Monterey, please contact me! Craigslist seems to be rarely used there, and other than that, plus word of mouth/networking, I'm not sure how to find jobs anymore. I want to move. We both do. And Monterey is definitely on the list.

We went down for a quick trip yesterday, and it was everything I'd hoped for (and more). A mental health day in every sense of the term: an aquarium visit, El Torito, extended lounge time on the beach (yes, Monterey has really nice beaches!) and more food at a beloved brewery. It was a perfect sunny day, and seriously, this escape was so necessary. If only lounging on the beach paid the bills, right?

But anyway, now Monday has invaded and all I want is to be back here:

Scott <3 <3 <3 <3

...Well, can you blame me?


  1. we have friends of friends who have let us rent their little house on cannery row for long weekends. it's right where that statue is of doc from the book. i love love love it there. one of the loveliest spots in california for sure. :)

    1. Oh that is amazing. Totally geeking out right now :)

      Steinbeck also happens to be my favorite author (and I read him BEFORE I ever started going down there, so its been a long term thing). I looked on the Craigslist site for Monterey yesterday and was DISMAYED to find that basically they don't use Craigslist there. And/or -- there are NO JOBS. SOB!

  2. hah, yes. monterey is to steinbeck fans what disneyland is for children. it brings his work to life! and it sounds like monterey-ers know they're living the good life down there. no one is like, "i'm tired of this quaint, coastal beauty. let's quit our jobs and blow this joint." keep looking though, you never know!

    1. Ha, yes to all of what you said! I agree. I also can't believe they almost shut the Steinbeck Center in Salinas down a few years ago, but then again, Salinas: it isn't Monterey...


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