Gopher Tuna

Or, a series of very random things.

Let me tell you a tale of how my husband is extremely evil. He purposefully and without remorse got the following song, one of the world's most beautiful songs except for the parody lyrics acted out in the video below, stuck in my head, and reinforced it there over the course of several days. By then, the damage was done, and I've had this song in my head consistently for more than 48 hours. Its still there right now, in fact. Evil husband!

Anyway, when things like this happen to me I wouldn't feel right unless I passed it along to everyone on the internet. The song, from the middle ages, is called "O Fortuna," but the misheard title is "Gopher Tuna." Get ready to have a good time, but don't come to me when you're still singing it under your breath while running errands next week:

Now that your life has been infinitely enriched by Gopher Tuna, let me turn to the next strange thing: an Android app called "Add a Cat." Basically, you take photos you've taken with your phone, upload them into Add a Cat, and ... add cats to the picture. Like so:


Behold, for the cat floating in the upper right of the frame is smoking a cigarette. Yes, this app is ridiculous, and some might say a time-waster, but I think it's brilliant.

I mean, just feast your eyes on this for a moment.

Just look at what you can do with $1.99 and a picture of your building's lobby at night? Really! That's all it takes.

Thanks to Mandy from Harper's Happenings for writing a post recently about this app. I too would have been really sad when the iPhone people began posting cat-added photos all over the internets, so in a way she saved me hours of pain. THANKS MANDY!

But ... but ... its really not as pathetic as it may seem. It's fun and cool! Here's another one:


As ridiculous as it sounds, I've been really inspired by doing these silly pieces, and I want to keep going with it, make a series, figure out how to make some poignant statement.

I could be the Magritte of internet cats, yo.

So anyway, that's what I've been up to these last couple of days: singing about STDs under my breath at work, and making collages of Instagram photos and cutouts of cats. Gold effing star.

In other news of the week:

  • I caught some of the Olympic Trials for swimming on TV this week. Watching boy swimmers who aren't Michael Phelps hugging each other while wet and wearing Speedos does not suck. Fact.
  • What kind of bird sings its songs in the middle of the night? As in, I was on the roof the other night, and a bird was singing its chirpy little repertoire as if it were 8am, and yet ... it was pitch black outside, you stupid bird! I mean, who does that? Sheesh.
  • I walked past a guy at UC Berkeley who was wearing a bee suit and swearing at a box in the back of his truck. Its pretty likely that he was having some bee trouble, so I hightailed it outta there, but man, it just reiterated how little I would like to ever keep bees. Yikes.
  • Tomorrow is Friday, just thought I'd mention that. 
Has this been random enough for you? Time for me to go pick up the CSA box; happy Thursday & I will be back tomorrow with a post or two. 


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