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It makes me really, really sad that I have many friends who are against same sex marriage, and some of them vehemently so. I'm sure that some of them judge my life; the city I call home, the people I love and associate with, my own sexual identity. And they would all have voted yes on Prop 8, and they would be voting yes on Amendment 1 in North Carolina today. I really do wonder how these friends--not close friends, perhaps obviously--think of me, think of their gay/lesbian friends. Do they notice when I post something online about my  sexuality, or about supporting gay marriage? What do they think of that? Do they judge me, or my so-called "choices"? Some of them still talk to me. Do they even see those posts? I wonder this all the time.

I just don't understand how you could be against love and family. And if religion is the basis behind wanting to define love as being between aUntitled man and a woman, then that means, I mean, literally, that God hates fags. And I truly feel that this is antithetical to the very idea of God, because why would he create all of us, if he were going to be mean to his creations? It just makes zero sense to me. And if we're supposed to believe that being gay is something that people "choose" -- well, listen to me, my experience in life is that I don't buy it. It's simply not possible that being gay is a lifestyle choice. It's also not true that gay people don't deserve the same rights that straight people do, including the right to civilly marry and obtain all the rights the government bestows upon married couples (along with the intense bond of marriage).  Example: I know the most wonderful couple in San Francisco, both female, of which one is transgendered. Before she had her reassignment surgery, she had sperm frozen, as she knew she wanted to have children someday. This sperm was used last year to get her wife (and yes, they are legally married in California) pregnant, and they now have a beautiful daughter together. They are a wonderful family and they love their little girl so much. So how is this wrong? Why should they be denied this blissful life they've created just because of who they are? They aren't hurting anyone. 

Anyway, it just sucks that people are so divided and that there is so much hate in this country. I just read that 30 states have a gay marriage ban on the books already. Not a constitutional amendment per se, but a ban on gay marriage. Of those 19 of them also ban civil unions. I am so depressed, and heartbroken to be living in a so-called "progressive" age that continues to deny its fellow human beings some of the joys of everyday life.

Someone I liked and thought was pretty cool posted this link this morning.  She is a resident of North Carolina and wished that people would just calm down because God was at work with Amendment One. It was this that inspired me to write this post. Humanity needs to take a long hard look at its priorities, and learn its history, instead of turning a blind eye to history, compassion and reason.


  1. God loves everyone and wants everyone to be happy. Or it should be that simple except people complicate matters. I have many, many gay friends and I love them. They're awesome. They have life experiences I can relate too, even if I haven't experienced discrimination as a straight white chick in the same way these gay friends have.

    I'm religious and I'd vote yes on equal marriages. It's not right that because of your sexuality that you're discriminated against. Maybe I can't relate to being gay or lesbian but I sure as hell don't think it's right that someone is denied something because of how they were born. Sexuality is not a choice, there is only a choice of what we do with our sexualities - and by that I mean gay, straight, lesbian, bi people throwing themselves at everything with a pulse or settling down to one partner kind of choice.

    And if someone chooses to settle down and marry a same sex partner while I might struggle to understand how that would work out for someone I'm certainly never going to think 'oh my gosh GROSS NO!' at that relationship - that is frankly none of my business in the first place. No one brings my relationship into question because I married a man.

    No one tells me I can't worship God or have the freedom to speak about my beliefs with others. Yes people give me a lot of crap for being religious but I'm still 'allowed' my beliefs.

    This world is a funny place. Luckily I live in a country that affords civil rights to gay and lesbian people - our country recognizes the union between same sex couples and they have access to the same rights as a straight married couple - but this only came into force less than 10 years ago.


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