That Fiery Gemini

Ever since Drea described me as "eccentric" in a blog post yesterday, I've felt an obligation--nay, a duty, to keep proving her right. Once something is on the internet it exists forever, right? I have a reputation to uphold now, one of being a total weirdo. You know the one. The one you always made fun of in school because they made themselves an incredibly easy target. That's me, alright. 

Plus, I've been opening myself up for public ridicule on the internet since 1998. Why stop now? ;)

I believe in astrology. I've been studying it since I was around 7 years old, and I've never found a reason to distrust its underlying principles. I don't think it's just "fun" and I very much do use it as a kind of psychological guide in my life. I don't believe we are fated to be a certain way because of when we were born, though; this is my mother's main issue with astrology, that she associates it with fate. It's not fate. We have free will, after all, and there is so much more to who we are than our natal chart (such as nature, nurture and individual experience). But to me, since everything in the universe is connected, it seems entirely plausible, and likely, that the universe has an impact on us as fellow starstuff.

Anyway, blah blah blah my horoscope this month (my general stats: Gemini/Aries/Aries). I've trusted one astrology report exclusively since 2003, when Scott introduced it to me (and he's a Virgo, so for this to pass his critical mind, it has to be good). It's not done with new age techniques; it's done with hardcore mathematical calculations, then translated into monthly forecasts that never fail me. Sometimes I don't read them until after half the month has passed, and the main points still stand up, sometimes eerily so.

But on to the point (sorry, sometimes I have trouble reaching it)

I was reading my May forecast first thing this morning, and came across a great deal of exciting information on a very important day to me this month, May 20th. This is both the 9th anniversary of my father's death (the event of my life thus far), and the day I will run Bay To Breakers in honor of his life and the commitment I've made to live mine as healthily and as fully as possible. Given that this day is already important in multiple ways to me, I guess I wasn't surprised to read this, but I was elated.:

"On May 20 we will have a solar eclipse (a new moon) at 0 degrees Gemini! This one is the most outstanding, encouraging, positive eclipses possible, and absolutely the best one of the year. Jupiter will be within five degrees of this eclipse, considered mathematically a conjunction - giving this eclipse a big WOW in anyone's book. This eclipse will act like a portal to open you up to a whole new set of circumstances very soon, and they will work to change your life in very significant ways. You will love the opportunities and news that come up...  
...You will come into your own at the most exciting moment of the month, May 20, when the solar eclipse in Gemini arrives. Supremely positive, it will bring all sorts of surprise opportunities that will be tailor made for you. You'll feel a blast of energy, and life will move at hyperactive speeds. 
Your ability to speak, write, & move others with your words, will put you head & shoulders above the rest. Uranus will boost your social life, and Neptune will make the image of your face well known, perhaps through important publicity or the work you achieve in the coming weeks. Eclipses mark important moments-see what this one will do for you to change your life."

Naturally I don't expect anyone else to care about this, but I am really happy there is a new moon solar eclipse on May 20th. It makes the day seem even more charmed. Next month will mark a year since a life-changing new moon lunar eclipse two days before my birthday; this October will mark the official end of my Saturn Return, as Saturn finally, finally after 2.5 years moves into Scorpio. I've learned so much in the last 2+ years, but damn, it's also been a lot of self-doubt and hard work. I have finally reached a point where the different fragments of my life feel like they're coming together, and make sense in a way they've not made sense before (most of the time, anyway). I am ready for whatever comes next. Even if it means running 7.4 miles through the hills of San Francisco, by choice, in less than three weeks.

Dare I even ask if anyone reading this believes in astrology? I'm no stranger to mean comments on Facebook when I talk about it in depth, so forgive my cynicism. But please do speak up if you have something to say. Oh, and one more thing ... what's your sign? 


  1. I've always had an interest in astrology since I was a kid; I'd like to know more about Saturn Returns since mine should be coming up too (since I'm approaching 30 like you). I'm a Cancer, Libra rising.

  2. Oh that photo made my day. I don't know how I feel about astrology, but I love the fact that I'm a scorpio!

    1. Ah Scorpios! I've actually been friends with many Scorpio females and its been cool. Scorpio dudes though ... 'nother story.


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